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Well, I managed to tear myself away from drinking and playing Crysis to do this. This is just a reminder that there is a NARP on the weekend of the 28th march (next Friday). It will be in Wolverhampton and it will be taking place at my house. There is a lot of room for sleeping and we will be getting in some booze.

The plan is thus:
- Friday, I will be in uni, wandering out to pick people up as they arrive in Wolverhampton. From there, we will wander back to uni until we have collected everyone that is coming. At this point, we will go back to my house via ASDA (for the drinks) and set everything up.
- Gaming will commence at exactly when-we-get-to-my-house-ish
- ???
- Profit!!!!

Also, we might end up going to the Planet on Saturday and get extremely drunk. That's if we have recovered enough from the Friday

UPDATE: I forgot to include my email. Basically, just look right and read it from there. I have started a small mailing thing like we had for the last one. If you are interested, EMAIL ME!!! We need more people for epic funness
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