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EURO FNF Screenshot Recap

Earlier on us Euro People played Halo 3. I decided that tonight I would take screenshots of it and I did. These are the results. The higher res ones can all be found here

Me shooting Gemsi

A really cool picture of Valhalla

Another really cool picture of Valhalla

Gemsi in a warthog almost crushing my head as he flips over it

What I saw of some guy getting lasered out of the air

Me shooting some guy with a rocket pod

The first panoramic shot. This is me and one of the other guys hiding behind a rock hoping the Banshee does not spot us

The second panoramic shot. This is Gemsi shooting at The_Young_Scot in the Banshee. The_Young_Scot then mid-air splattered Gemsi

I also had some fun messing with some of the filters in Photoshop

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