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10 Things You Didn't Know About BunnyRabbit2

I decided not to take part in this the first time round but I figured I'd find 10 things this time. Sorry if some are a bit shit.

1. I'm half blind

When I was really young, I ended up with a virus inside the cornea in my left eye that basically made it non-functional. My cornea is now heavily scarred and I'm about 80% blind in it. It also used to be really badly lazy until I had some operations to fix it. Basically, my normal eye sight is similar to what you see when playing games in first person.

2. I have played bass live for a band

It was an end of year thing for some university societies and one of the coolest things I've done. I spent about two months practicing with the rest of the band and had a blast even if we had to carry the gear a mile into town for it (amps are heavy).

3. I can't drive and likely won't bother learning

I was taking lessons while in school and even passed my theory but had to move to university before taking my practical test and getting my full licence. With transport the way it is in this country, unless I decide to move to somewhere way out from the cities buses and trains will sort me out from here until whenever.

4. I failed at university

Last year I dropped off my course in computer science. I could go into it but basically, I suck at academic work. I can program and enjoy doing so so I learned what I wanted to and I had a really fun time. It also meant I could afford to go to PAX 09 and PAX East 10 which was nice.

5. My introduction to D&D was my mum inviting to join her group of friends

I was about 14 or so and she helped me roll a character up and since then, I've always enjoyed tabeltop RPGs. Also thanks to her, I have issues playing any D&D that isn't 1st ed AD&D. My mum's pretty awesome

6. I used to wear glasses

My favourites were circle rims with three different colours on them and I looked like an idiot. I was also 10 and didn't give a fuck

7. I think killer whales are totally awesome

No idea why but they are my favourite animal. They're one of the most interesting and badass animals on this planet. I feel a bit bad for whatever they eat but they do it in such crazy ways I have to side with the orca.

8. I haven't been to a doctor in five years

Given my eye issue and some other stuff, I probably should have been there at least once or twice but thanks to being in and out of hospital so many times right up until I left school sort of made me hate everything related to doctors. I don't even bother with painkillers unless the pain makes me unable to function

9. I sometimes get extreme agoraphobia

About five years ago I got mugged. I was beaten too and lost a LOT of stuff. Every now and again, I have serious issues leaving my house and sometimes even leaving my room is an effort. Thankfully it's gotten better in recent years.

10. I have Autism

Partway through university a lecturer suspected I might have autism and with some help from the university I had a couple of interviews with a clinical psychologist and was told I had it (high functioning autism apparently). I almost didn't add this given how much crap is thrown at people mentioning autism on the internet but whatever, it is what it is.
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