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Bulltoid 39 - Unleashed!

Full uncensored video game news commentary from Josh, Touya, Mo, Benji, and Sean, who doesn't show up until the second half of the show. See if you can pinpoint the moment the show derails! Download the show here Subscribe on iTune...


Bulltoid 038 - Akumageddon!

Bulltoid has another uncensored discusion from Josh "randombullseye" Hayes, Mo Adan, Touya, and special guest Destructoid "Director of Communications" Hamza Aziz. Music this week from Parappa The Rappa and Um Jammer Lammy! Download the ...


Bulltoid 037 - Tangent !

We all know Bulltoid is Destructoid's number one bullshit podcast, and this episode proves why. In trying to just do a run down of the news, we begin a conversation about Quest 64, one of the worst games from the Nintendo 64, and then fol...


Bulltoid 036 - Kissing in Riots

Josh "randombutthurt" Hayes, Mo Adan, Benje Warlick, and Shawn "Cybertron AX" Smith for another uncensored discussion, only on Bulltoid. We start the show, in the middle of a conversation about VHS tapes. You'll hear us discuss a co-host ...


Bulltoid 33 - E3 Day 1!!!!

Bulltoid comments on the EA and Microsoft press conferences, as well as other news shown at the 2011 electronic entertainment expo. Uncensored discussion from Mo Adan, Touya, Shawn Smith, and Benje Warlick. Introduction from Josh Hayes....


Bulltoid 31 - Things & Stuff

Ever week we talk about the video game news and what we've been playing. This week on Bulltoid we talked about things and stuff. LA Noire, video game board games, Dolph Lungren, the greatest dark joke ever told, Streets of Rage Remake, an...


About bulltoidone of us since 10:35 AM on 09.20.2010

Destructoids #1 bullshit podcast!!!!!!

Destructoid.com presents a bold podcast that isn't afraid to speak about any topic involving video games, anyone, or anything else! Always grab a bull by the horns!

Describe the show in one word? That word is boners.


Josh "Randombullseye" Hayes

Mo "Falconreaper" Adan

Benje "talon842" Warlick

With Shawn "Cybertron AX" Smith

Nabeel "TF_Touya" Mohammad, now doing the Electric Information Show! We love you Touya!