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MGS4: So Far, Not So Good

I played the first chapter of this movie, er, game (Liquid Sun) last night, and I can't help but feel underwhelmed...oh screw that...disappointed with this game for the following reasons:

- The first chapter is set on an open field with decaying buildings (no spoiler alert here...Konami already did that for you on their previews)...but you can't just go anywhere...you go to this one long-ish alley only to find out it's blocked. I mean, a good chunk of my time is spent on figuring out where to go.
- Animations leave a lot to be desired. It reminds me of that other game with crappy animation: Lost Planet. Why is Snake (or everyone else for that matter) move like they're underwater? I started watching MSG1 gameplay videos and I'm pretty sure MGS1 moves more "normally."
- TOO MANY DAMN cutscenes. The immersion is pretty much lost.
- LOADING everywhere! shets.
- Enemy has an AI of a tofu salad. I'm playing this on the default "normal." I swear, most of the enemies are just waiting to be gunned down.
- that "caterpillar crawling" move just...just...creeps the sh1t out of me.

I hope this gets better...one thing's for sure, though Naomi is h0t! did they pattern the model from a young Monica Bellucci? Sure looks like her.
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