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I Sorry: MGS4 Best Game Evar

** WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOLERRIFICS AHEAD ** When I completed Act 1 of the game, I was moronic enough to express my slight disappointment with the game, not realizing that the sheer awesomeness of the game in its entirety will give me an ato...


MGS4: So Far, Not So Good

I played the first chapter of this movie, er, game (Liquid Sun) last night, and I can't help but feel underwhelmed...oh screw that...disappointed with this game for the following reasons: - The first chapter is set on an open field with de...


Battlefield: Bad Company

There are a few things I really like about this game: simplicity of controls, destructible environments, and NO AUTOMATIC HEALING. The controls is down to the real basic of controls: aim/shoot, run/strafe and duck. Hell, even melee is dow...


Niko Bellic Voice-Over Actor is a Whiny Little B*tch

Michael Hollick, the actor who did the Niko Bellic voice-over is apparently not happy with his $100,000 payment. He complains that he doesn't get much residuals for the huge success of the game nor any royalties for having voice-over work ...


GTA4: Things I Heard

"Yeah, you can take down lamp posts and traffic lights and all...but you will NOT be able to even shake those trees, man...those trees are unstoppable...must be made of steel" "I will let them run red lights, go against traffic, run over p...


Stuck at Loading in GTA4?

I am merely about 15% complete with this game despite logging over 16 hours since its release. However, booting up this game this morning almost induced a heart attack because the game just stuck at "LOADING - ESCUELA OF THE STREETS" wit...


Siren: New Translation

I didn't create a Japanes PSN account for Gran Turismo 5 demo; I created one for this game. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/33299.html After feeling sort of "meh" on the new Silent Hill, I felt like being dropped-kicked in the nuts a...


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