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Busted PS3 Dilemma

So I'm a huge clumsy idiot and dropped my Ps3 while in transit to the Girlfriend's house. It is a (near) launch 60 gb triple (full backwards compatability). It seems that I have a few options: 1. Fork out the $150 to get mine (...


Ecco the Dolphin must PERISH!

FREE WILLY! "...the first recording ever of Orca whales hunting dolphins." In a Strange Wilderness such as this, we can only speculate that the dolphin owed the whale some amount of money and the whale gang was simply collecting on thi...


Gamers.. We drink.

And as such, the natural byproduct of this habit is better looking women and better game to seduce said women. And thus... (SFW) Break.com video found through Digg that I thought I'd share with you guys if it hasn't been seen yet. ...


Steam always aids?

Just bought TF2 off of steam all pumped to play it and it says the servers are too busy to download. Kind of disappointed. Is this common? If I ever get it to download hit me up on TF2 to kick my buttox. Steam ID: Brucifer


Like golf games? Read this!

http://www.worldgolftour.com/ The (hopefully) most epic golf game ever devised is currently in the free beta stage. All credit of my finding this game goes to CNN. Modeled to be the World of Warcraft for the adult, sports oriented group ...


C&C Renegade: The future!

So, we've all heard bits and pieces about the new game Tiberium that is supposed to be coming out.. Here's hoping it doesn't get wrecked. But anyways.. I am awaiting the arrival of my new Dell XPS 1530 (Hopefully tomorrow!) and I was l...


First Blog! //Still bored @ work.

Ok, so up here in the frozen tundra of North Dakota we recently got a bit of snow. Not a whole lot but enough to bring the snow cat out of the garage and get her running. Put on about 40 miles today and I need clutch work done something f...


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