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About brotherkirkone of us since 10:31 AM on 05.13.2007

My cousin had all the latest consoles when I was but a lad. As soon as I saw Missile Command on his 2600, I knew that I was beginning a journey to becoming the man that I am today. A game junkie, looking for the latest fix (and best value). A man not so concerned with the benefits of outdoor physical activity--4 years of a heavy instrument and marching band kept me from becoming completely Jabbaesque.

So the story goes, as it does with many of us videogamers, jumping from console to console, game to game, dirty sailors all:
Atari 7800 < NES/Gameboy < Genesis < Playstation < PS2/DS/Lite < Xbox 360.
I make lists all the time, and I like to reminisce, because sometimes that's all we have. You'll see.

I'm a graduate of Florida State University (beaten on the Intermediate setting), and I have an undying love for music and film (the 80's originally my favorite decade for flicks, but as I grow older, the 70's are more interesting.)

I love pop culture trivia and classic TV. It is no secret that 80s Nickelodeon kids are amongst some of today's best and brightest, and it was definitely an experiment by Canadian TV. Think about it!

A pretty laid-back person, it was 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with a stress-related migraines... which turned out to be a Grade 4 Glioblastoma brain tumor. I went through extensive radiation and (still) ongoing chemotherapy treatments and three surgeries, becoming more machine than man. My survival can only be accredited to friends and family, a divine hand and RoboCop. I have a sweet scar.
Right now I'm the editor-in-chief of an entertainment magazine in Tallahassee, FL. I've got a few treatments for screenplays, but I'll talk about those elsewhere.

email: [email protected]