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Suggestions/Help Needed For School Gaming Club

For those of you who don't know already, I'm a High School teacher in Arizona. Last year I started a gaming club, and our numbers were pretty good. (Actually, we have more members than any other non-athletic club at the school).

However, the school is located in a very poor area, so we have run into some problems. As much as I would like to bring my personal systems in week to week, this just is not a possibility. We do also play board games, but the kids would like the option of having videogames to play as well.

This is where my help request comes in to play. Do any of you guys have any strategies for contacting local businesses to help either sponsor our club or donate some things for our uses? Any kind of partnership would be great.

We did have a fairly successful charity event last year (halo 3 tournament), but were sponsorless. I have a feeling that with some actual connections we could do something nice for the community (a la Child's Play).

Give me a shout if you can help think of any contacts to have or other such activities that could drum up respect for our club and help someone else out at the same time.

My first idea I had was to collect the Pepsi Rock Band caps and try to win a system/rock band instruments through that, but I've only had a handful of caps submitted to us. People like the idea of winning for themselves ;)

If you want to donate your cap to our cause, send me a message :)

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