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My Computer is no longer Borked

I love that TigerDirect has actual stores that I can visit (huzzah Chicago area) and take advantage of their sweet deals on electronics without waiting for shipping and/or signature hassles.

The good: GeForce 8600 GT is now mine and running perfectly
* My motherboard isn't dead
* My new hard drive is in the computer too

The bad: I have a dead GeForce 7600 GT
* Carpal tunnel bugging my left wrist, so even Rock Band is unplayable at the moment
* Still working retail for my second job

Now a picture to distract you, much like the images on the front of graphics cards tell you nothing about the product itself.

Man it's good to be back in the saddle, instead of on my wonderful CRT tv browsin the interwebs.

Bring on the TF2 and WoW and TQ!
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