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Xbox Live Users Set To Receive Free XBLA Game!

Looks like MS checks the brobots' blog frequently. As soon as I put up my detailed rant
about Live's recent inadequacies, they call HQ and tell them to finally do SOMETHING about
the issue. While Xbox Live is still practically useless for the time being, they have, at least,
agreed to give ALL users (Silver and Gold) a free Live Arcade game. Unfortunately, this
isn't really ideal for a few reasons.

I already have 25 arcade titles. Those 25 titles are probably the main titles on the service
that are worth owning. So unless they're giving away a future release for free, I see
myself getting the short end of the stick. Either they'll offer a title I already have, or one
that isn't worth anything. Either way, if this is an attempt to compensate ALL users for the
Live issues (and thus avoid any pesky class-action law suits), giving away an old game isn't
going to satisfy anyone. If they make a good game free, the majority of us will be upset
since we've probably already bought it by this point. If they make a not-so-good game
free, the majority of us will be upset since we've haven't bought it because it sucked, so
giving it away for free doesn't exactly cheer us up and make us forget about these past two
weeks. So really, the only way to TRULY make a good attempt at maximum appeasement
would be to give us:
1. MS Points (400-800). This way we can get whatever game/DLC/themes/movies/TV
shows we want. Everyone wins.
2. Free Xbox Live (at least one month's worth). If I can prolong that dreaded day when I
have to shell out another 50 quid by another 30 days, I'm all for it.
3. Free XBLA title that is as-of-yet-unreleased. (Rez HD or Ikaruga would be ideal!)
4. Any combination of the above choices (Yeah now I'm just dreaming...)

Now, there is the off chance that MS will indeed handle this well and we'll all be thankful.
But I'm not holding my breath. And the statement said we'd find out about the title in
question in "the coming weeks." That doesn't sound good either. Unless it's because
they're going to give us a new game for free (CMON REZ!)...in which case that's a good
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