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The Bros Behind The Bots

So we've gotten a bit more familiar with the community here, so it's that time to post up
proper introductions, giving you guys an idea of who we really are. I hope all the Dtoiders
had a good Christmas! Hopefully it was filled with phat gaming lootz.


Name: John Mitchell (left)
DOB: 8/17/88
Location: the big bad ATL, Georgia
Occupation: Currently a sophomore at Georgia Institute Of Technology, working on my
bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering.
Hobbies: Guitar, making music with Fruity Loops, pretending to be a wealthy rapper

Favorite Movies: 300, Fight Club, The Life Aquatic, Rushmore, I Heart Huckabees, Kill Bill
Favorite TV Shows: The Boondocks, South Park, Squidbillies, The Office, Weeds
Favorite Music: Weezer, Kanye West, Radiohead, TV On The Radio, Broken Social Scene,
Favorite Sports: Hockey (Detroit Red Wings!), English Premier (Manchester United!)

Xbox Live: dj fantastica
PSN: dj_fantastica
Wii: I can't remember the stupid thing. I'll post it when I do. Not that there are any online
games to play atm anyway :P
WoW: Server - Bleeding Hollow. Faction - Horde. Name - Gallardo.

Currently Playing
Xbox 360: Call Of Duty 4, Mass Effect, Rock Band
Playstation 3: Warhawk, Uncharted, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, flOw
Wii: Super Mario Galaxy
DS: Pokemon Diamond, Picross
PC: World Of Warcraft


Name: Michael Ta (right, obviously. he's the asian)
DOB: 9/19/87
Location: Atl, GA
Occupation: Sophomore at Georgia State University, working on a bachelor's in Computer
Hobbies: Video games and I try to golf.

Favorite Movies: Empire Strikes Back, 300, Dogma, The Matrix
Favorite TV Shows: South Park, The Boondocks, Robot Chicken, Chuck
Favorite Music: Say Anything, Weezer, Stars, Daft Punk, Tiesto
Favorite Sports: Hockey (Detroit Red Wings), English Premier (Chelsea F.C.)

Xbox Live: technical ta
PSN: technical_ta
Wii: ehh fuck friend codes
WoW: Server - Bleeding Hollow. Faction - Horde. Name - Poprock.

Currently Playing
Xbox 360: Three Red Lights
Playstation 3: Ratchet & Clank, Warhawk
Wii: Super Mario Galaxy
PC: Wow
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About brobotsone of us since 7:45 PM on 12.21.2007

we are brobots
we are masters of the universe
we take no prisoners
we feel no remorse
we feel no pain
we are machines
we will have our vengeance
we will quench our thirst

you will feel our wrath

we are brobots


PSN: dj_fantastica
WoW: Gallardo


PSN: technical_ta
WoW: Poprock
Xbox LIVE:dj fantastica


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