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Subspace Frustrations

So when I first played the Subspace Emissary I was actually having good time and I
thought the whole concept was pretty neat. The gameplay was entertaining and I really
only had a problem with the co-op camera which only follows Player 1 (whyyyyy?).

This enjoyment all came to an end when I started the last level of the game, "The Great
Maze." The worst thing I have experienced in gaming since I played Prey. So it seems
that the developers of SSBB thought it would be fun to just rehash all of the levels again in
this maze of portals and then make you find and beat all of the bosses and characters all
over again. Why is it that, according to the save file percentage, that I come into the last
level of the game with about 50% completed and come out with 83%? This was just such a
lazy design choice. I know that SSE is basically an afterthought to the normal Brawl modes
but they could have done better with this ending.

I found myself having to retrace my steps over and over again because I really didn't know
what I was suppose to do or where I was going until I was almost finished. I just love
running around with my head up my ass and fighting the infinite respawns of retarded
enemies. This was not so much a challenge but actually a big middle finger to the player. I
hate games that make me fight bosses I've already beaten. There is no point whatsoever
besides artificially lengthening the game.

So I say this: Do not play this fucking mode. I know you think its the easiest way to unlock
everything but that is false. John started to do 1 stock suicides when I was half way into
this level and he beat me in unlocking every character by about 10 minutes. So screw
Nintendo for SSE and I will get back to Brawling with Toon Link!

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