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Review/Summary of Tremulous

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

For my first actual summary of a game, I've decided to inform you on Tremulous. I believe
Tremulous is one of the greatest FREEWARE FPS GAME
Plus, it works on Linux/Macintosh/Windows. So lets get started.

Story: There is no campaign or single player mode, unless you take bots. you have a
multiplayer mode that works efficiently, with admin powers and commands based on the
Quake commands (actually, the game runs on the quake engine). There are two teams,
the aliens and the humans. Humans depend alot on the base, unlike the aliens. Humans
upgrade by buying new weapons and armor with credits from killing aliens. The aliens
upgrade by evolving into better aliens with "evopoints" earned by killing humans.

Graphics: They definitely not ´┐Żber 1337, but definitely playable. Remember, this is a free
game, so we can't expect the best graphics ever. The blood effect isn't very realistic, but
that doesn't matter.

Gameplay: First, the game is not entirely an fps game. the aliens don't actually shoot, they
bite and scratch. In return, they are tougher to kill than one shot in the head, and are
much faster. This is why according to map, one team may have an advantage. The other
team wins once they have defeated the enemy's base, which can be rebuilt by
"builders" (for humans) and "grangers" (for aliens) This is a VERY fast paced fps game.

Extra stuff: very fun game, it really deserves more attention than it's getting. If you run on
macintosh, get this game right away, cause you don't get that many games like this for
free (i'm a mac user myself) If you're windows, you still should get this game.

My score: 8

For more info or to download the game, go to http://www.tremulous.net

Mac users can also download the game on the apple website
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