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Digital Distribution: Bring it on, I say

I love the concept of digital distribution. I love to be able to just pull off a few clicks and have the game ready to play after waiting a reasonable amount of time. I love to rest assured that no matter where I am, all the games I bought are always available to me. I love the flexible pricing model, and the chance for minor developers to get into the spotlight. Digital distribution is a great thing, and Valve has done quite a good job so far with it.

But I fear the big corporations' greed. Corporate greed is what made this generation of games so flat and uninspiring for the most part, and the suits can't wait to jump on the digital distribution's bandwagon to pour their sh*t all over. I'm sure they're already planning to switch everything to a pay-per-play, OnLive model, with terms of agreement that give them the right to pull the plug on everything anytime they want.

And what I really hate is game journalists that back up every corporate move, the ones that today are saying "PSN Pass is the right thing to do! You whiners would like to have everything for free, but coders have families to feed, and every time you buy a used game some kid can't get his happy meal!". To hell with them, I'm sure when we'll have to open 30 accounts to play a game, and companies will ask us to pay 1 USD for each multiplayer match, they'll still say "You whiners! You think servers are free? Coders' babies have big wet kid eyes and they're hungry!".

Industry and journalism

And what makes me sad is that all this situation is turning gamers in a mass of ass*oles, who fight between themselves to whatever piece of meat the industry and the corporate journalists throw at them, like they are doing now with this "used vs new" nonsense. Journalists should go and knock at EA's doors and say "hey, mr. EA, what are you specifically planning for Origin?", and let us know, and let us discuss about facts and figures. Instead, they just sit at their desk and copy&paste corporate PR like monkeys, leaving us to discuss about meaningless marketing material (which also includes quotes from "big heads" from the industry, who simply shout strategic lines masking them as "opinions" - did you notice how many industry VIPs are saying that PC gaming is the sh*t, just now that current-gen consoles are starting to be on the way to their retirement?).

So, in the end, I don't give a sh*t about the "magical feeling of possessing something physical", also because any magic that feeling could have had has already been f*cked up by standard packages that are nothing more than a disc in a plastic box and overpriced "premium" editions with silly cheap plastic toys inside. Enter the magic of "let's maximize profits by selling sh*tty packages to poor chaps and overpriced sh*t to rich idiots".

I just want to be able to buy a game online and be sure that the game it's mine and hey, if you want extra money because your kids can't eat because you have to pay for the servers, give me an option to burn the game on a CD in case my computer explodes, and we're fine. Just don't f*ck my rights up and especially don't play the "You whiner, we're hard workers and you don't want to pay our work" nonsense.
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