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EA Has Nothing but Contempt for Europe - Rock Band Pricing Announced


Have you heard this shit? I mean, being forced to wait six months longer than America was a pretty bullshit move on EA's part, but this really takes it to a whole fucking new level. The price breakdown is as follows:

Instrument Edition: GBP 129.99 / EUR 169 - Oh but wait, it doesn't come with the game!
Wireless guitars: GBP 59.99 / EUR 79.99 - Each. Just a tenner less than I paid for GH3 with the (by most accounts superior) wireless les paul.
Drum kit: GBP 69.99 / EUR 89.99 - Which works out to a little under 20 cheaper than the game with all three peripherals costs as a bundle in the states.
The game by itself goes for GBP 49.99 / EUR 69.99, which is absolutely and utterly outrageous considering it actually requires additional peripherals in order to be fun.

I am honestly flabbergasted at the sheer, disgusting greediness of this. I was ready to cut EA some slack on account of their recent tendencies towards not being pure unadulterated evil, but this I just can't forgive. This has been one of my most anticipated games ever since it was first announced at E3 all those years ago. To find, after months of hearing about how great it was from every American and their mother, that it will cost a good bit over twice as much for pretty much exactly the same thing(USD 169 is equal to around GBP 85 / EUR 107). Well, fuck you EA. Fuck you right in your greedhead pigfucking cuntish little faces.

Source: Eurogamer, and I really fucking hope they're wrong.
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