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Thank you

Hello everyone I'm Efra aka Bulletproof Machete, BP for short.

I am new to Destructoid and I'm also new to Miami. I'm writing this to thank all you guys from Destructoid that welcomed me at the party at Ecco on Saturday Night, as well as to let you know a little about myself.

I've played video games since I have memory. When I got a bit older I used to play basketball and soccer all the time, and only played vid games at my friends' houses, on PC's and genesis. I blew out my right knee when I was barely 17. I kept trying to play but since I had broken my ACL it was very bad; going from being able to grab onto the rim, to pain and no air. I had a reconstuctive knee surgery, but back then the technology was not as good as now and the operation in reality made it worse. So, you know, I went back to the roots of gaming.

Like I said in my bio, I'm really an online player first. I enjoy playing online with friends and against would be foes and sworn enemys alike. I am at my best at team war games filling up the gaps and giving recon to my teammates.

I started the online gaming on a Dreamcast playing Quake 3 Arena. (Actually I had played Rise of the Triads online before at a friends house [Props to Dark Mark]) I played with a 300ms or more connection from the mountains in Puerto Rico and gave broad band players fits. My most memorable moment was getting dissed by an aussie gamer who said that the only reason I was beating him was 'cause he was playing from Australia to the east coast, even though he had basically the same connection as me; so I went to an australian server and had around a 900ms ping, maybe more; I was leading shots a full second and after that game, which I won, I was accused of being a bot lol, on a dreamcast! (I was on fire).

Later when my Dreamcast died, I got a Laptop where I played some Threewave and met cool players like Bailey, FuSiOn and peepz who ran the servers. I stopped playing 'cause I started studying at the University of Puerto Rico LawSchool, and didn't really have a system I could kick ass with (40-60 fps)(BB in P.R max 70ms). =[

While in school I was going to a friend's house that always had all the consoles. We started playing Battlefield 2:MC. I really liked it and I wanted to play with him so I got myself an Xbox 360 and Battlefield. The rest is as they say, history. I ended up being the #1 Spec Op in the world, getting to the top of the leaderboard and meeting many great players. R0ADxBL0CK, xBL4Ck IcEx, I LeAtheRnEck I, Fede23Mendiola , Hugo Banzer, TaZkAl, RedVer2, DxExAxTxH, Yduzitmatr, CHOPS, D12 Ferdogg, MTN bikeHOOKR, Bunni3s, TGB 3B Blunts, ALEX DIAZ, NsA Crs335, I RedEyeJedi I and the Boston Crew, and other great players...

Lately I've been playing the versions of Call of Duty that have come out. In Dec 2008 I was #1 in WAR kills for CoD:WaW with a 5.08 K/D ratio. I also love games like Oblivion and GTA4. I really enjoy playing RPG's a lot; I can really get into them. =}

Last Year I graduated from Law School and took the BAR exam for Puerto Rico in October. I found out in December I did not pass it. That whole time after the exam I was going to doctors to try to see if I could operate my knee again after all this time, and also my nose. I operated the septum in December and I was scheduled to operate my knee in Dec 17, but found out a few days before that I wasn't covered and could not get operated; I had to get a new medical insurance, and was in P.R. with just my J.D. So, I decided to move out here to Miami, where I'd be in a similar position; my school is certified by the BAR association so I can can take the BAR from any State.

I took the opportunity to move out here to Miami with my now roommate. I'm living in Kendall. I had lived my whole life in Puerto Rico and I'm very happy to be doing something like coming over here and giving it a shot, in the pursuit of happiness. I don't leave any girlfirend back in P.R., just my family that want to see me be happy and are hoping I do good for myself out here.

One of the side perks out of coming out here is that the Video Game culture is richer. I had never gone to party like the one I went to on Saturday in Ecco. I'm a DJ and so is my roomate. I used to spin, and I was always envolved with events for the music I used to spin, Jungle and DnB the good kind... I met people like Roni Size, LTJ Bukem, Brian G, Afrika Bambaataa, etc... and the events were great, but there was never anything with video games. Over here I'm hoping for the oportunity to go to ground tournaments and am looking to join a clan called KSI.

I've been here in Miami for like a month now and the party at Ecco was one of the first times I've gone out. I had a great time, and I would like to thank all the people who Mark introduced me to for being cool and sharing some time. A special hello to Gabriel (Snakedude4life), Yanier (Niero), Colette (Pixel Mage? =]); I had really good time thnx guys. To the other people who were around hanging out, y'all made the party great with all your smiles and dancing... and to VGMari; you made us laugh so much with your robot head and dancing moves *lots ov' smiles* =D

I hope there are many more to come!


p.b. To the person who found my Xbox shirt that I dropped I hope ya enjoy it :D I really mean it; I kinda didn't like it, so I hope you do. :P

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