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Another episode of the HAWP. Are we filled with excitement? I certainly hope so. ah, go find it yourself. I'm tired of posting these. Back to killzone. Devour every inch of this tiny blog of failure.



They read the comments? No way. Well, what it lacks in follow-through from the intro, it makes up in charm! I still very much enjoy seeing these and creepily posting them on destructoid. Go me!



Sorry I'm so late with this one team. Here it is however, talking about the most disappointing game of 2009. did you enjoy? I'm at school, and thus have not watched it yet.



Again whilest I am procrastinating from the homework another episode of HAWP appears before my eyes. Well team, did we win big this time? Or is it impossible to compare to the excellence that was the last one? Tell me! tell me!



I'm doing homework and haven't watched it yet. Enjoy, or don't, but I hope you do because I really like the ones that are amazing. I also like the ones that are just passable, but obviously prefer the amazing ones.



Aren't I just Johnny on the spot with these videos? Well here is your next heaping spoonful. I haven't even watched it yet. My impressions to follow in the comments section. Enjoy!


Nintendoll featured on Kotaku

Don't like Kotaku? Think it's all stinky and stuff? Well, too bad because Destructoid's (and apparently negative gamer's) very own Nindendoll has been featured on that fairly prominent newsy bloggy site. I think this whole whining about wom...


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