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Yes, I own micro space orks too. Though I'm having real trouble photographing 6mm stuff...


I was in the mood again lol. There's just something so damn satisfying about painting something so tiny! Yes I had to hold my breath to paint that bionic eye :P


Fucked around with colored metallics again last night. It's also a rare thing to find stormcast models I like lol. PSA if you do any kind of head swaps you will need green stuff to fill in around necks.


My first Mutant Chronicles mini is done! A dark bishop, very edgy :P November will probably be grab bag month for me so who knows whats next lol.


Early 00s Edge Status:


It is the big spook time. Have a safe day out there!


Happy Orktober Everyone!


It is official, my Uncle is out of the house now. Time to scarmble and paint whatever for Orktober lol.


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Current Status:


Why are hobgoblins weebs? What makes them hob and do they hobble everywhere?




I still dont know who posted the first Current Status on dtoid...


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