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Blame vesalius for this :P its been awhile since my last rude boy but thanks to him I got spurred to continue them. I may or may not finish the rest...


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No one knows what depowered Waluigi looks like...


I'm shocked they haven't tried making a fortnite cartoon yet.


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Holy shit I forgot how unbelievably cringey wolf 2's credit song is. Jesus fucking christ...


I'm not a part of Secret Santa this year, but still feel free to send me your beautiful...magnificent...INCAN GOLD!


Just a banana lad for today. Alot going on right now so I havent really been into it.


It's international men's day today, which is code for obligatory weather girls :P


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My favorite part about new mk11 kharacter releases is spending 3 hours watching the new intro dialogues.


Ill get rat patrol finished this week. Just wanted to try something different. Nothing special with this guy just a lazy drybrush job.


Either my hearing is going to shit or people just mumble too much. Or an unfortunate combination of both...


I wish the pc ports of the old blood and the new order didnt suck ass.


Anyone from the UK have one of these I could nab off you for a *reasonable* price?


Another year, another cod campaign finished. This one is actually worth a replay but ill do that down the line. Current Status:


Who put phantom pain in my call of duty?


I still hate that the Union Jack isnt symmetrical.


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