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If youre getting tired of the fat guy coalition then dont worry, only got 3 models left after this :P


"OI BRUV! lend us a few quid love?" Yes they make track pants in that size :P


Another Gordo to the ogre roster and another experiment in skin tones. This one just looks like my tio after someone takes the last beer lol.


I don't remember the last time I've used a rubber ball mouse...


He's drunk, angry, and ready to shoot someone! (Just like your mom at Applebee's :P) had this guy primed for awhile. Waiting for a texture roller so I dont have to do stone bases by hand.


Jin Sakai? More like Jin SUCK-Kai! Joining the group that has finished the Ghost of Tsushima story. I liked it well enough but was waning near the end. Not really gonna do any of the collectibles so thats that. 2 out of 3 stars. Pic related:


The only good thing about summer is hearing the cicadas chirp.


Got some more PHAT bois on deck! Got two more leadbelchers but moving on to the gluttons for now.


For today I did up a halfling, the detail on the mini was a little too soft though so this guy is kinda ugly :T oh well. Onto the next!


Mario was a man of his time...


Current Status:


Welp, no indomitus box for me :T It's fine though, still got dark imperium to fucking finish plus ill just use that money for the mega gargants when they release.


*Beautiful Steppe Intensifies* This badass named The J I V E Tyrant (thank vesalius :P) is all done! Now to get the rest of the big bastards done...


Current Status:


I dont feel like painting today so have a robit I quickly did last night :P


More star touched children, feels good painting genestealer stuff again :P


DLC/Expansion where you play as Khotun Khan(the better character :P). That is all.


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