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Can't have order without some Chaos :P I finally got around to him. If I find a trex in the same scale I will do Sauron lol.


Here's a skelly with no teeth for the (belated) birthday boys :P


Alright, so this weekends movie mix was all Pacific theatre related for me. Watched Flowers of War, Emperor, The Bridge on the River Kwai, and scenes of Men Behind the Sun because fuck watching the whole thing lol. Might round out with Iwo Jima later.


If for some reason you ever wanted to know what the latest budget cartoons look like, well here you go :P


My first lothern sea guard, and it's...eh, lol. Spoilers: I bought some elves and in the process of finding the most efficent way of painting them. This is an example of the incorrect that way.


The god damn nerves of steel on that wheelman!


Never trust Immagean...


I finally found halfway decent gorilla minis...


If D.C. and Puerto Rico become states then they're in charge of having to come up with a new song. Either that or we start merging dakotas and carolinas :P


The start of something beautiful...or pretentious.


Thank you google for answering my stupid questions.


Nothing like colored metallics and white to satisfy my inner masochist. Did the termagaunts as a pallete cleanser before my next project...


New necromunda trailer for those interested :P


I wish they sold pudding by the gallon.


Existential Status:


Have a sloppily done dark angel for today :P I recently acquired a pile of codices and alot of them were dark angels.


Mid day drinking sherry because I'm actually a middle aged white lady.


My friend has most of my D&D books so heres some Warhammer ones instead :P


This is the ideal Dawi'Zharr form. You western dawi may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.


Ugh, it is that time of year where the skylight bathes the tv in glare and I can't see what the hell im playing.


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