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I still dont know who posted the first Current Status on dtoid...


Almost forgot but happy indigenous peoples day!


Flamboyant Status:


Reminder that im always ready to strike...


Also a certain Canadian has known peace for too long...


I hate my uncle's resting face. Its a 50/50 game whether he is deep asleep or dead...


PSA: This years Orktober is gonna be severely truncated for me. More in comments.


It still blows my mind that the CRPG genre is almost 50 years old lol.


Seriously though has anyone heard from RadPartyGod these past few months? Last post was in June...


The first orc of the season! This one is either from 83 or 84. As usual I will paint for the entire month and show the additions to my Orcs and Goblins fantasy army (which gets bigger by the year!)




3 Months of on and off watching but its finally done. I have watched all 22 movies (and yes I mean 22 90 minute movies lol) of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Overall I give it a B+. Some movies were defiently better than others. more in comments.


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