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Quick and dirty grot before work. Gonna paint these guys like I paint skaven, base colors and a wash to tie everything.


Last nob is done, now onto the regular orc boyz.


Im still in the mood to paint orcs but I've run out of fantasy orcs to paint, so I'm doing some 40k ones in the mean time :P


I cant wait for peoples reaction to DooM 64's final boss level.


Alright thats Doom Eternal all finished. The second half made up for the first but I still feel the same way about it in the same way I feel about Doom 2, 2 out of 3 stars. Marauders can still go fuck themselves, they ruin the game.


These mauraders suck ass. Who the fuck thought this enemy would be a good idea?


All of us playing Doom Eternal.


Im still real real happy that doom 64 got a modern release. For those wondering its the guy who did the EX port on PC but a better version. No more 50-60 fps dips or wonky mouse.


The fortress of doom is literally just the bat cave.


Just getting hyped for Friday :P


I might be out of work for two weeks :T gonna see what the future brings. If i do have to quarantine I atleast get to clear out a bit of the mini backlog.


More slaves for the warband! Contrast is great for quickly doing the smaller details.


Late Night Status:


Bongs celebrity crushes: the MILF edition


That feeling of a semi tidy desk. Now to start reducing that damn mini pile...


One of the greatest matches of the 41st millennium. Also hot damn is the new ghazghkull a chunky boy!


Picture of the crew animating episode 9 of castlevania.


Time to shoot forward into the future!


This is what happens when the model you want is OOP and also $1000 on eBay... $50 in materials and a few weeks of work and I now have one completly amatuer and jank Chaos War Mammoth lol.


Here's today's mini. First time I ever sculpted the base for one lol. Not my best but he'll be fine for random games.


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