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Warhammer : Age of All Hell Breaking Loose

Lots of updates since the destructoid story ran (link). There isn't really a good central location for all the news that comes out, but I'll try to pass on all that I've seen.

Closed Beta Invites for Collector's Edition

Invites started going out yesterday, although all you can do now is download the client. This from James over at Mythic :

CE Pre-Orders are being invited in multiple waves, and the first wave has just hit the shore. The servers aren't up yet but you can prepare to join the WAAAGH by getting the client now!

Remember that CE invites are still subject to eligibility*, but everyone who pre-ordered the CE will get in for the Preview Weekend coming up soon!

We'll have more for you tomorrow, check back then same bat time, same bat channel.

So, that's more closed beta invites going out at around 5 PM today. Note that something is still not up yet (account center, or something?) so you can start downloading but not start playing.

*by eligibility I'm pretty sure he means that they don't invite people with really bad looking dxdiag files at the moment.

Preview Weekend

Mythic has announced a preview weekend for all pre-orders, not sure when this is happening.

NDA Drop, Open Beta

Mark Jacobs (Mythic CEO) hopes that it will happen this week (post from last week) :

7) Regarding the NDA lift, we hope to lift the NDA next week, one month before launch.

Why the wait? Well, they still had a few more fixes to add before they dropped the NDA :

I wish I could lift it right now but as I’ve said elsewhere, we need to take care of a three issues before the NDA is lifted. One has already been taken care of and I hope that by the end of next week, the other two will be taken care of as well. Once we lift the NDA I’ll go into more detail as to what the issues were and why I wanted to hold things up. The remaining two issues are not earth-shattering by any means but when I explain things, I hope you’ll understand why I wanted to wait another week.

Note that the "Open Beta" in WAR will be invite-only, the "open" just means that the NDA will be dropped.

Simultaneous Launch : NA, Europe, Oceania

Already mentioned in the destructoid story, but thought I'd bring it up again because I think it's cool. Mythic is not going to wait a long time before releasing in Europe (like Blizz did with WoW) and actually has real servers in Australia instead of West Coast US servers set to Australian time (which is what WoW had, last I checked).

Head Start

Collector's Edition pre-orders will get an extra day of "head start" over regular pre-orders. I'm pretty sure it will be 4 days (CE pre-order) and 3 days (regular pre-order), but that was something I saw on an ad, so who knows.

Blogger Guilds

If you'd like to hang out with some video game/WAR bloggers and play the game on a Core Server (PvP only in PvP zones) there's a guild called Casualties of War. I'm probably going to play with that guild.

If you'd like to hang out with some game/WAR bloggers and play the game on an Open Server (PvP in PvP and PvE zones) there's some information over at Keen and Graev's Blog.

My Blog

I have a WAR blog too, yeeha.

WAR is a WoW Clone!

I don't believe that, but I thought I would save some of you the time ;)


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