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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed & EndWar thoughts

While watching GameSpot's coverage of E3, I got to see demos of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and EndWar. I've been very excited for Force Unleashed, but after seeing this demo, I think that I'm gonna be playing this game all the time. There are some really cool things that I saw, like the Apprentice blocking a blaster shot with his left hand, like Vader. Also, they have a combo called the Jawa Punt! It was incredible. You fucking punt a Jawa. Even if the game was shit, I would buy it for the Jawa Punt. Basically, this game is going to rock.

I also was extremely impressed with EndWar. If you don't know what EndWar is, it is a RTS coming out from Ubisoft that has the Tom Clancy name. The game is set during World War 3, and is basically the end of the world. The neat thing about the game is you can use a headset and give commands instead of using a game controller. I know many of you are thinking that games that offered voice commands in the past didn't work well, and thats how I felt when I heard about EndWar. But after seeing the demo, it looks like it has a great voice recognition system. The guy playing it was just talking normally, not emphasizing words or pitches. He was just talking naturally. The game recognized every command that he gave, and there was just a split second between him giving the commands and the soldiers carrying out the commands. Here is the video from the EndWar demo.

Did anyone see these demos? What did you think of them?
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