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Lord of the Rings: Conquest trailer

A few months ago, Pandemic announced they were working on a Lord of the Rings game that was the same style as the Star Wars: Battlefront games. Over the weekend, the first trailer for the game was released. I have mixed feelings about the game right now. I'm a huge LOTR fan, and I really liked the games based on the movies. I'm excited to be able to play the big battles from the books and movies from the every-day soldier perspective. I'm also excited to be play as Uruk-hai and Trolls. But right now the graphics and animation look a little bland. There are some areas of the game that look fantastic. Some shots of the battlefield look spectacular. But then there are some areas that look like graphics from the PS2. The game is supposed to be released before the end of the year, and from just a first glance at the game, it looks like they have a lot of work. I have confidence in the team though. I really enjoyed the Battlefront games. Here is the trailer.

I'm excited to be able to take down Oilphants. That will be sweet. Also, who doesn't want to walk around as an Ent and throw enemies across the map? And it is confirmed that you will be able to play as Sauron himself. Hell yes! What do you guys think?
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