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Playing With Others: Beat 'Em Ups

Leonardo, who was an average character, but felt stronger because he was the leader. Billy Lee, since blue has always been my favorite color, and Billy always seemed like the perfect name for an ass-kicker. Rash, who was player one's char...


Tabula Rasa - Free to Play

Everyone's least favorite space MMO is now free to play, which is probably a price most of you vagrants can afford to pay. One can only assume that NCSoft's previous announcement created an expected mass exodus, and charging five people f...


Tabula Rasa - Another MMO Dies

Sad day after sad day for Tabula Rasa fans these past months. If it's any solace, today was the last bad news they'll be receiving. Yes, Tabula Rasa is officially calling it quits. As evidenced from the recent layoffs, as well as Richard Ga...


NCsoft + Richard Garriot = No More

In a thoughtful three paragraph news post hidden deep within the Tabula Rasa home page, Richard Garriott says goodbye to the community whom he loves, despite dooming their already frail game. Richard Garriott is currently the CEO of NCsof...


Not my Turning Point gaming Rig

Better late than never! Here's my submission for the Turning Point contest. To look at a CS major's desk is to look into his soul. As you can see, it's pretty messy, unorganized, but super comfortable and streamlined for life on the inter...


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