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World Cup Contest: Less than 12 Hours Left!


Hey Dtoiders! We have some epic entries so far for my World Cup contest, mixing the beauty of video games and vuvuzelas into what may be the greatest works of art since Picasso. Sadly, today is the finals for the World Cup and also the last day to submit your entries for the contest!

Feel free to submit submit into the late hours of the night, but come tomorrow morning the contest will be closed! So far, I don't think we have enough international submissions to justify a big prize, but you never know what might happen in these final hours.

Here are the rules from my previous post:

Contest 1: Photoshop a vuvuzela into a screenshot of a dramatic or otherwise hilarious video game moment.

* First Place: Dragon Age: Origins
* Second Place: Jade Empire

Contest 2: Use a drawing program (like Paint), or hand-draw your favorite video game character with a vuvuzela. Bonus points for creativity, multiple characters, and context!

* First Place: Mass Effect 2
* Second Place: Mass Effect

How to submit: Just leave your image in the comments below, tweet it to me @bluexy, or if your prefer anonymity mail it to rory[at]gamerant[dot]com!

Bonus Rules:

* US Only Shipping - Sorry internationals, boxes are expensive to ship. Still, feel free to join in on the hilarity! If there's enough international participation, I'll add a bonus prize via Steam. I mean it, I'll spend $30 for a prize if you submit, internationals!
* One Prize Per Contestant - Feel free to enter for both contests as many times as you like, though!
* Contests Ends July 11 - After the World Cup is over, so is the contest! May be extended another week depending on participation.
* Rules Subject to Change - I know I'm forgetting something, but that covers the important bits I believe.

So get your entries in and win a great BioWare game! If you want to check out the competition visit my last blog will all of the previous entries in the comments: Clicky.

It's still anyone's game! BRING ON THE VUVUZELAS!
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