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Wither the digital...

So, as I've been posting up and down for the last day or two, I was trying to track down a copy of the Dragon Age CE. When news broke that a special edition of it would be available on Steam for a significantly reduced price, I was pretty happy. As far as I'm concerned the $5 more that this version costs is for the inclusion of the first bit of DLC that I would have been purchasing separately anyway.

Then saw the stack of cards on my desk. Sims 3 cash cards. Y'see, I went through a...phase, I guess you could call it. I played the hell out of the Sims, then abruptly stopped when I realized my sim-self was doing everything that I should be doing instead. Silly me had also stocked up on these cash cards when Best Buy had them on sale. $5 for a $10 point card, essentially.

I had left them on my desk, a tribute and warning to myself, lest the madness be e'er upon me again.

Then I discovered that EA's point cards are universal for their store. The $90 worth of digital lamps and themed expansion packs in-potentia? I could just as easily covert them into something meaningful! An actual game! Callooh callay!

Now I sit, however, a browser tab opened on both Steam and EA's pages. What does the extra $10 get me for the physical CE? Essentially I would be in for the tin, a cloth map, actual discs and a 'making of' DVD. I hate 'making of' DVDs, so it may as well not be a factor. The tin is neat, but it'll spend it's life on a shelf. The map will be covered in cat hair. Do I really care about having a physical DVD over a download that I can back up myself if need be?

Not really, I'm coming to find.

It's about price at this point.

Essentially, I can pay for the game I want or I can use the spoils of my follies to get it for "free" but with a version that's slightly less than what I would want.

It's a damn hard decision. I think I'll ponder it awhile longer.
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