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Oh my god, fuck your points. Fuck them right in the ear.

So here's the progression of events.

1) Sim 3 comes out. I purchase said Sims in a retail environment in exchange for real Human Monies.

2) Best Buy has a 1/2 off sale on point cards for the Sims. Sim-meep is getting along well and I want to get him a DLC tiki lamp. Despite my skepticism at the system, I pick eight of the things.

3) Sim-meep starts getting mad lady action. The game is shelved in a mix of jealous and self-loathing.

4) A pile of point cards shows up in the mail. Swearing commences.

5) It is discovered that Sims points are actually generic "EA points" that can be used in their store. Dragon Age is nearing release. An inquisitive eyebrow is duly cocked.

6) The collector's edition of DA sells out everywhere but the EA store. A heavenly shaft of light pierces the clouds and shines on the pile of cards currently relegated to the Corner of Shame on my desk.

7) Six and a half cards are traded for the CE. There is peace.

8) Now, about to install DA for the first time, I go to the EA store in expectation of being able to buy the inevitable DLC there and burn off the last of the cards. They are nowhere to be found.

9) I venture to the Dragon's Age website, clicking around to locate the DLC. Eventually, I find it.

Seriously guys, fuck you. I'm playing Torchlight first now. Go sit in the goddamn Corner of Shame.
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