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I... I can't do it...

I am a collector. Let me be frank about that. When a game is being released that I have a serious interest in that happens to come with some cool swag, I have no qualms about shelling out a few extra zorkmids. Been doing it all my life. Septerra Core? I have the promo tarot cards. Might & Magic 6? I won a five foot long lithograph of the cover art in a contest included only in the special edition. It adorns my walls to this day.

Bethesda is no stranger to leeching the extra money from my pockets, as the Morrowind and Oblivion SEs attest. I would've gone in for the special CompUSA Daggerfall box if I had been aware of it. That's what makes this such a hard moment for me.

I sit at the checkout, staring.

$60 for a special edition is well within my limits. $70? Painful, but you can entice me into it. $80 is a realm I have yet to broach. $120? I... I just don't know...

Even though I'm more financially stable than I've been in a long while and this is jam packed full of goodies, it's so hard for me to mentally justify this much money. I don't even have a system capable of playing the damn game right now. The last generation of PC games has limped across my seven year old Dell's screen in FPS totals of ones and twos.

Eventually, I'll be able to play Fallout 3. This much I know. It seems that every PC gaming generation is spent by me amassing a horde of titles to finally play through once I've upgraded to a system that can run them at a decent clip. But for now, it mocks me.

The previews, glowing like rad scorpions in the dunes, have already sold me on the game. But even as a fan of the series, can I in good conscience spend this much? Am I doomed to being a buyer of the "Standard Edition"?
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