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I hacked the Circus of Values.

"Look Mr. Bubbles! This isn't an angel... What is it?" "Hrrmmrrrmmmmnnnnngh." "I think it's full of adam..." "Hurmhurm?" "I can't read that thing up that... What does it say?" I love you, Target.


Death and A Gamer

On March 31st, a good woman was taken from the world. My roommate's mother was the victim of a break-in when she was alone in her house in upstate Pennsylvania. She was killed by a single gunshot wound to the head. The case is still un...


Target just redeemed the worst holiday

I don't like Valentine's Day. Many folks are of the same mind, but for different reasons. Some folks perpetuate the So Ronerly stereotype. Maybe they had a plan backfire into a firestorm of a broken relationship like me that permanently ...


The stylus is dead.

Our washing machine konked out tonight. This is a problem as 1) there's no money for a new washer and 2) I can't drive to a laundromat as my car broke down earlier this week. This is, as they'd call it, a right dilly of a pickle. Thank g...


Wither the digital...

So, as I've been posting up and down for the last day or two, I was trying to track down a copy of the Dragon Age CE. When news broke that a special edition of it would be available on Steam for a significantly reduced price, I was pretty ...


Target's secret clearance endcap

If there's anything that I like, it's a good deal. My constant perusing of CAG and Slickdeals can pretty much confirm this. I'm also a complete sucker for a markdown, even if it's something I'm not immediately interested in buying. This ...


#100 all up in your business

Bam! Round numbers! And then she cat-oozed over to where the shirt was on my bed and claimed it as her own. Honestly, I forgot I'd even ordered the blamed shirt. Mind like a goldfish nowadays... I'm pretty happy with it, though. Goo...


A DSi, I has one.

I'm unboxing! Whee! Not so much a "midnight launch" on GameStop's part, per say. It was more of a "midnight two fratboys, a kid with his mom and me and my roommate standing around awkwardly and not making eye contact with anyone else." ...


Consipiracies about Ghostbusters

So... Was the game cancelled? Or was it "cancelled"? From the article: "Ghostbusters" scares up "Office" writers By Borys Kit and Leslie Simmons TORONTO/LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Who's Sony going to call to pen its reboot of...


Infinite Gold: $0.25 per game

Today I bring you something special, boys and girls. It's not a freebie, but it brings all the excitement of those crank machines at the super market checkout lane without the misery of getting another stretchy, sticky hand thing that yo...


Instant Replay: Character Creation

I've been playing MMOs for nearly as long as I have been online. The very first time I went online at my grandparent's house with a 14.4 modem and a copy of AOL that billed by the minute, I was playing games online. It started with the or...


An epic tale overheard at Burger King

I stopped into Burger King for lunch a little bit ago (in no small part due to the Pokemon toys, I'll admit). Eating across the way from was a family where the following story was being told through highly animated arm waving and funny voi...


I... I can't do it...

I am a collector. Let me be frank about that. When a game is being released that I have a serious interest in that happens to come with some cool swag, I have no qualms about shelling out a few extra zorkmids. Been doing it all my life. ...


Luminous Arc 2: Jiggle Witch Boobsplosion

I could sure go for some of that. It was announced tonight in the most recent Atlus Faithful newsletter, though it's technically an IGN exclusive nugget. I loved the first one, so I can guarantee I'll be preordering this one. Though th...


How many games are "too many"?

72. When the DS was first released, if you told me I would eventually own 72 games for the system, I would punch you in the mouth for lying to me and maybe again for being a witch and seeing the future. When my age tally increased by on...


Izuna has large breasts.

Yes she does. And according to the Atlus Faithful newsletter today, you can have them. They're holding a vote as to which of these pictures rouses the interest of the public most. The winner will be included as a promotional poster whe...


An honest question

The Spore Creature Creator. Was it leaked or was it "leaked"? Not that it really makes much difference in the long run, but I'm getting a little tired of the quotation marked version. Yes, the internet is a wonderful marketing tool and i...


I suck at being hardcore.

A few nights ago, I made a change in my life. No longer being content with being immediately and thoroughly emasculated by NetHack, I decided to spread my wings and see what other sights the roguelike world had to offer. My first stop bro...


The Iron Man preview review

So I went to go see Iron Man last night. It was fuckawesome and you should go see it too, but that's not what I'm here to review. I'm reviewing the previews. Those wonderful little 2 minute commercials that remind us that we should come ...


Halting State nominated for a Hugo Award

Today I found out that Halting State, a super keen-o book about speculative MMOs from the future and how they can be used to destroy the universe, got put up for the Best Novel award. This is the sex, but I have the feeling that the hono...


Cameos in Rondo of Swords

I have a thing for character cameos in random games where they otherwise don't belong. IE, I like them. It makes my loins tingle in a pleasant way when a company gives a seminal character of theirs a nod completely at random, especially w...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Good evening, gentlemen. It has been quite some time since we last met, has it not? I assure you good sirs that my absence has neither been willing nor pleasant. Allow me to explain... You see, a Canadian has stolen my computer. Gentle...


Force Unleashed: LEGO Edition

So this Valentine's Day, my roommate gave me a Star Wars Lego kit. It came with teensy Lego Stormtroopers. I squealed like a little girl. She knows me well. That aside, at the very back of the assembly instructions they put ads for some...


Anonymous brings it to NPR

So I was listening to NPR this morning on the way in to work. Loudly, too. I like news, but I need it cranked to keep me awake on the drive in. Therefore, when I heard this, I promptly lolwutted all over the driver's seat. Well done, An...


PokemonCenter.com is closing

If you're one of those people that either don't care about Pokemon, don't care about toys or a combination of the two, nothing here pertains to you. In fact, it's your fault this is happening. Jerkass. Anyway. PokemonCenter.com is goi...


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