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Persona 3: FES: For the Third Time for the First Time

With the recent release of Persona 4 and the fact that I've finished Fallout 3 and have no desire to pick The Last Remnant back up for a while, I decided to delve back into the world of Persona 3:FES. I've tried several times to get throu...


11 Ways to be an Ass and Have Fun in L4D

So I noticed that several people are handing out advice about "how to be nice" in Left 4 Dead, and that this is the only way you can play and enjoy it. I say, not so good sirs and madams, or whatever the fuck you are, not so at all. In fact...


Blehmpressions: The Last Remnant

With the recent influx of great games coming out, who has time for another RPG? That's right, me. With my marathon Gears runthrough, the on/off again relationship I have with L4D, and my decision to put Legendary off to the side for a whi...


Join me on the Bandwagon Jumping Party!

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical for the past few months concerning one of the more hyped games coming out soon. No, not Mirror's Edge, I've not been interested in that, well, ever, but Left 4 Dead. While Mirror's Edge is an overhyped...


Blehmpressions: Legendary

This is awesome. With the plethora of top tier titles coming out this winter season, it's easy for a few games to slip through the cracks and be missed. One of these games that's not really high profile, but has been advertised as such, i...


(Late)Bleh-view: Lost: Via Domus

[Writer's note: Yes, I know this is an older game, but with it being cheaper, and me borrowing it, I figured a review wouldn't seem so out of order now, would it? Besides, it gives a few extra days to space out for the Dead Space review for...


A Slight Problem I've Been Having...

Destructoid, I come to you with a confession and a problem. First, the confession, which, if you know me or read anything I've written, comes as no confession at all: I love role-playing games. Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Lost Odyssey, S...





Bleview- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

We all know that the cblogs have been oversaturated with reviews for this game, be them good, bad, or indifferent, but we haven't seen my review. Besides, this is the first game I've actually finished in probably six months or so, and I j...


Happy Belated Birthday Aborto!!

My attempt to find fetus pictures in party hats goes terribly wrong For some reason, Aborto had a birthday earlier this week and neglected to mention it to anybody. Had he had a facebook/myspace/reminder thing going on, I'd have done this...


Randomtoid: Mr Destructoid...in Danger?

ATTENTION ALL DTOIDERS!!! We must rise up together to save our beloved robot master. A new (well, relatively new) company has decided that enough is enough, and has started to produce weapons, monitoring devices, and anti-robot viruses. A...


Feel the Hatred: Back-tracking

I've got to go back where? What's the worst part of having a huge open world, or conversely, a huge 2d world to explore and find new things? How do you add hours of play to a game that might be lacking in other areas? What are the two wor...


Feel The Hatred: RPG Kids

Not quite, but almost as bad. What can you add to any game to help make it seem more friendly and young? What can you add to an RPG to help make it seem more "kid friendly?" What can you add to RUIN MY GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCE? Kids. I loat...


Oh Snap! Blehman's Back From PAX!

Yes, good kind gentle souls of the dtoid, I'm sitting back at home in hot, humid Texas after spending three days hanging around with the coolest people I think I've ever met. I'm not going to go into detail here, because Jesus Fuck I'm tire...


Are Guitar Hero and Rock Band Saving Rock'n'Roll?

So during my extensive use of the internet at work, I came across this article on CNN.com relating to how Guitar Hero, or as they put it "Guitar Hero", because it's the new, "hip" thing that the kids do nowdays and needs to have quotes, i...


It's About Damn Time

For years now, we've been taught to coddle and "baby" our babies by the media and doctors. But have we been too light on them? Isn't it about time to start teaching them life lessons earlier? Isn't it about time to say that it's never too...


So I Finally Completed the Trifecta

For the past year or two I've been debating to get a PS3 or not. On the one hand I'm a movie and game junkie, and with Blu-ray winning the high def dvd war all the hd movies will be coming out there. Also, there are several games that are...


Instant Replay: Guitar Hero/Rock Band

What makes a game like Rock Band fun? Rather, what makes a game like Rock Band so much fun that you want to go back to it again and again, replaying songs and increasing difficulty levels until you go mad? I wasn't a bandwagon jumper on g...


One Year Post Extravaganza!!!1!!

Well labias, genitalmen, furries and traps, it's been awhile now. Over a year in fact, but I missed that date due to actually having to work while at work, as opposed to days like this where teh internets is my saving grace. So I just wante...


Final Fantasy IV DS: Up to Mysidia Review

So yesterday aboot noon 'o clock I called my local [insert game store name here] and inquired about the fact that Final Fantasy IV was to be in stores today. Which is weird, it being the release date and everything, and I didn't think thi...


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