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Nostalgia Lane @ 1st Avenue

As promised, the next few blocks will cover some SNES golden titles, and perhaps some not quite as fondly remembered, or even remembered much at all.

But first, let us begin with a genuine classic and perhaps my favorite game over all time- Mega Man X.

Let us set the stage: the year was 1993; produced by Tokuro Fujiwara, Keji Inafune's newest creation was set to carry the original Mega Man games, in a newer fashion, into the realm of 16-bit gaming, and it did so with a bang. While later ported onto IBM PCs and remade as Maverick Hunter X on PSP, the allure of the original cartridge is a gateway back to simpler times and simpler, yet not uncomplicated, games.

The brief intro given pre-title and in the instruction manual clarify that X is not the original Mega Man, but a different model entirely, only slightly based on the original and with the capacity for so much more. Starting simple, the gameplay seems a touch slow at first, with X's run not carrying more speed than a brisk jog, yet the dash capsule virtually forced upon you in the stage ideally conquered first eliminates that. The gameplay format was still much the same as the original series, a selection of bosses to choose from, each with the inherent weakness of another particular bosses' weapon, and a final base, with the eternally symbolic repeat battles with all previously vanquished bosses.

Mega Man X introduced a new villain to replace Dr. Wily, the evil maverick Sigma (pre-virus form discovery), whose goal was to wage a successful war against all humans. The game also introduced the concept of Maverick Hunters and the leader of the team, Zero: the pure embodiment of awesome, and the inspiration for my own current hairstyle.

The soundtrack was astounding, forming the tone of the series' score for sequels to come. And for what small glitches may occasionally occur, whatever trivial qualms one may point out about gameplay or style or other slight story inconsistencies, Mega Man X will forever be the crown jewel of my Super Nintendo collection and one of the rare games I could sit and play for days on end without ever getting bored.

Well then, up ahead I think I see another shining stop of well-known, amazing Super Nintendo quality, so hang on tight...
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