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23 Video Games We Will Probably Never See (part 1)


-by Logan Witt

At least this isnít a countdown list. But there are plenty of things that may gamers, myself included, would love to see made, but never will. Some because the series/game it would come from wasnít popular, some because the company is no longer around, some because the developer has probably forgotten about it or just doesnít want to do it for some reason, and some because, well, just because. Numbered only so that I donít lose count.

#1- Skies of Arcadia 2

Sky pirates. Do I really need to say anything more?? Seriously?? Okay then, I will. Really solid gameplay, a fantastic storyline, and great characters. Including sky pirates.

Reason it wonít happen- Laziness. Overworks merged with Wow Entertainment in 2004 to form Sega Wow, which is now working on Valkyria Chronicles III, which is for the PSP. Give me a SoA sequel already.

#2- Legend of Legaia 3

Legaia 2: Duel Saga was a sequel that I know was released in AmericaÖsomewhere. Iíve heard stories of people who have played it. Iíve seen video of people (supposedly) playing it. All kidding aside, Legaia 2 was a sequel in name and some gameplay elements only, and thatís kinda why I donít count it. Wait, I know what youíre going to say, ďLook at every Final Fantasy and how things have changed!Ē Yeah, look how wildly they changed everything going into XII and XIII, and they sucked. Iím just partial to the gameplay from the original Legend of Legaia, and the story was really, really cool. I mean, really cool.

Reason it wonít happen- Legaia 2 bombed, and there doesnít seem to be a giant groundswell to revive the series. Thatís a damn shame, really.

#3- Cool Spot 3

Spot Goes to Hollywood was meh, but the original Cool Spot was one of the most fun games Iíd ever played on the Genesis. It was silly and over-the-top and completely out of left field, but didnít suffer the curse of that befalls most mascot games (meaning, they usually suck). I had so much fun with it, and dammit I want another one!

Reason it wonít happen- Virgin Interactive doesnít exist anymore. It was broken apart within the last ten years, with its Spanish company, Virgin Play, being the only real remaining piece of the company that brought us the fantastic game adaptations of The Lion King and Aladdin, for the SNES and Genesis, respectively.

#4- Kung-Fu 2

Originally a Japanese arcade game called Kung-Fu Master and based, however loosely, on the Jackie Chan film ďWheels on MealsĒ, the NES port of Kung-Fu was one of my favorite NES games and I hold that it was responsible for the flourishing of the beat Ďem up genre, for better or worse. It was simplistic, short, and fun. Why canít we have a sequel?? Why canít the genre progenitor come back for an updated performance?? Beat Ďem ups arenít dead, and can be done fabulously- case in point, this yearís Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. Bring on a Kung-Fu sequel, Mr. X and all.

Reason it wonít happen- 26 years later?? I mean what is this, Duke Nukem Forever?? (Easy joke, had to do it.) Nah, itís just not gonna happen. And that makes me sad.

#5- Mega Man X9

This one could happen, itís not entirely out of the realm of possibility, but I donít have my hopes up. I wasnít crazy about the switch to 3D style gameplay in the later games, or 3D style graphics. I miss X4, 5, and 6. Great gameplay, great graphic style. Axl was an okay addition, and I can live with him if I need to. I loved the X series, and I hope it continues.

Reason it wonít happen- The X series became less profitable as it went on, thatís part of why the overall series moved to the handhelds, most notably with the Zero series and Mega Man Legends 3 (which wouldíve been on this list had it not already been announced). And with the recent departure of Kenji Inafune, I donít particularly see any more installments in the X series.

#6- Jurassic: The Hunted 2

Jurassic: The Hunted, was a fantastic idea that was well executed and immensely enjoyable. It was a budget title that may have performed to expectations, but those expectations were probably to do little more than break even, hence the cheap launch price.

Reason it wonít happen- Cauldron HQ has a history of, well, History Channel games, and they didnít pan out so well, so they went on to do something else. I could see this sequel being mildly possible, but Iím not holding my breath.
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