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Review: Halo Anniversary OST Vinyl

I can finally start the fight. My Halo OST vinyl has arrived in the mail! I rip open the packaging, and there it was before me. One of my favorite video game OST is on vinyl, and it is finally mine!
The packaging is gorgeous. The artwork with Master Chief is well done, and the vinyl itself is a slick-looking green (although not quite the same green as Master Chief's armor).
The music features 16 songs on a single LP. Same great songs I love from Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori, but adapted and orchestrated by four different composers. These four still did an incredible job, and the score was exactly what I expected. These songs bring back memories, and are great to just sit down and listen to.
The Halo OST vinyl exceeded my expectations, and provided an amazing listening experience.

Same great music
Great looking vinyl that sounds top-notch

Not enough songs
It's preventing me from playing Ni No Kuni right now! (I'm loading up the game as I type this!)


Not me in the video, but this is what it looks like:
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