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I Don't Want Gaming To Fade Out Of My Life

I just started this blog and I thought I'd give an introduction into who I am and what this is.
I study Finance at University, needles to say I like gaming, I like Doctor Who, Breaking Bad and Mad Men and I like movies that are good. I love stand up comedy and Louis CK is a god to me. If you didn't need to be funny I would totally be a stand up comedian.

Destructoid is the only gaming website I still visit. Even before I stopped regularly playing and following video games, Destructoid was one of my favourite sites. Mainly because Podtoid was my favourite podcast and gave me some the best couple of hours of my week. After Anthony Burch et al. left the site and the old Podtoid died, I stopped listening and stopped coming here in general. But now I'm back, I want to get back into gaming and back into Destructoid.

I used to be a crazy dedicated gamer. I played on xbox live for an ungodly amount of straight hours every day. Spent an equal amount of hours on youtube watching gaming videos and learning Halo maps and strategies. I visited countless gaming websites religiously and was an ass on forums around the internet.
Now I buy maybe one game every couple of months. It's amazing how much time and effort it actually takes to buy, get into and finish a game. The last game I played and finished was Skyrim. I bought it in November 2011, and now at July 2012 I still haven't played another game since. Of course some of the blame for the that has to go Skyrim itself, such a great game that I haven't wanted to play anything else. Truthfully I probably won't buy another until Bioshock Infinite comes out.

Anyway gaming has always been such a huge part of my life, since I can remember it has been my main hobby. I decided I couldn't just let gaming die out of my life completely, when I look back, some of the best memories I have all come from gaming. Going on holidays? Meeting new people? Getting a job? Getting a car? None of those things compete with the memories I have of spending hundreds of hours exploring the Capital Wasteland in Fallout 3, or 100% completing Crash Team Racing.

So I'm trying to get back into gaming. This is my motivation. If nothing else, I gotta play to keep my blogs updated.
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