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Ninja Gaiden 2. Why I Hate You.

There has been a pretty good deal of hype for this game. I must admit, I have gotten a bit caught up in it myself. I decided I wanted to buy this game the moment I heard it was announced.

Not because I played it and thought it was good, but because I believed it would offer an experience in gaming second to none. Now, Im not so sure about that. Sure it will be cool the first few times I chop off some limbs. Im sure there will be moments of joy after succesfully defeating large groups of enemies with my deadly ninja attacks. But after that, what will I be left with? Not too much im affraid. I can admit it. I doubt I will even be compelled enough to finish the game at all unless there is something there that can manage to hook me in. I didnt find it in the first game, although it was fun in short burts. I was looking forward to this game noentheless.

Enter the case of the mysterious demo.

I was under the impression we could have had a demo for this thing weeks if not months ago and yet, here we are today, the day the game ships and nothing for us folks here in the States. As much as I want to blame the lack of a demo stateside on the weak US Dollar part of me knows the truth. The truth being this game is crap. I know its crap, I still want to play it, I still want to pay 60 bucks for it, but I know its crap.

I guess I just want a new game to play and this fits the desription, but at this point I am almost tempted to spend my 60 bucks on something else. (kung fu panda anyone?)

I mean, that Bourne game might not be the best game ever, but at least they let us try it ou before they released it. Even "Hour Of Victory" had a demo.

How bad does a game have to be to avoid the release of a demo until after it hits retail? I dont think it has to be "bad" per se, but I think when a game is sure to dissapoint based on either

a) lack of innovation

b) lack of polish or

c) lack of being good

there is a chance a demo will be held off to avoid turning off those people who will buy it day 1 before playing it (like myself). These people know there are many folks who will buy a sequel based on the love for the IP regardless, in fact I bet they are counting more on fans of the franchise to purchase this game than new people, people who have never played a NG game. So at the end of the day, I think they know that they have more to risk, then they do to gain and thus no demo.

I also think that the governement rigged the towers with explosives to bring thm down after the planes hit on 9/11 and that America, Canada, and Mexico will join forces and currencies bringing in the "amero" any day now. If you dont, thats your probelm! ;)

Also, r6v2 matchmaking STILL sucks.
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About big filthone of us since 8:08 PM on 10.05.2007

Hello Destructoid. I play a decent amount of video games and spend just as much time (if not more) reading and writing about them. Why? Thats a good question. I'll have to get back to you on that one. In the meantime, i'd like to play some games and read and write about them.

I've been doing a small amount of blogging in the recent months and I recently decided that if i'm going to be doing that, I might as well do it here where someone might actually read it. Who am I kidding? Noone will actually read it.

I don't really enjoy writing, I do however get an amazing satisfaction from spell check. I'm old school. I remember the day I got my NES like it was yesterday, 1985. Well, actually I remember the year better than the day. Give me a break I was only 5. Do you remember when you were 5? Ok then.

Moving on. My next console was the Sega Genesis. Some of my best memories of that era revolve around the "beef" between the Genesis owners and the Super Nintedno owners. This wasn't some bullshit make believe beef like the "East Coast/ West Coast" beef was. This was real beef. You know, the type were "ya mom's ain't safe to walk the streets". I still have the "SEGA" tattoo across the belly to prove it.

Next was the Sega Saturn. (i did have the 32x and the Sega CD but those are hardly worth talking about as far as I'm concerned.) The Saturn was cool. I remember being rather impressed by the graphics and falling in love with Tomb Raider. Not because of the girl like some of you perverts but because it was just amazing. Somewhere around this time frame I was feeling a little bit of envy towards the Nintendo 64 guys. I don't know why I got off the Nintendo side of things, it wasn't intentional. I stepped into the Sega universe with nothing but the fondest memories of my Nintendo days. But alas, what can one do when receiving such things as gifts. Either way, I was quite happy with my Sega Saturn. That was until a new friend introduced me to his Playstation. (Although that might have sounded gay, by no means was it meant to.) He showed me how much better Tomb Raider looked, and how much better Tekken was compared to anything I had on the Saturn at the time.

This is where it all changed. I was sold. I needed a PlayStation. Even if it meant doing the unthinkable. Getting rid of the Sega Saturn.

And so it was done.

Moving into the the next generation, my recollections aren't quite as clear. I remember having a PS2 and I remember buying my Dreamcast. I don't know which came first but I know the guy who lived upstairs from me could burn those Dreamcast games onto cd's and they would play like a dream. I know he would give me 5 games for 5 dollars, and I know he seemed to have them all.

Could the PS2 do that? I suppose I could use Google and find an answer to that, but I'm trying to prove a point. What is the point? The point is SEGA KICKED ASS and they were steamrolled by SONY! That actually doesn't prove that point in any way, but you know what I mean.

Many years pass

Despite having my beloved Sega Dreamcast tucked away safely in a bed of pirated discs in my closet I purchased my 2nd PS2. This may have had something to do with the fact the DC had long been discontinued by this point.

Perhaps an XBOX would have been a good choice at this point? I was hardly aware of what was REALLY going on in the video game world by this time. I was on the outside looking in. Clueless. Much like I am today. The only difference is, I now have an XBOX 360.

It's definitely had a huge negative impact on my life. My wife moved out. My kids never answer the phone when I call and I cant seem to keep a job for more than a few weeks.

Just Kidding. I'm actually a pretty cool guy and I'm just working on finding the perfect balance of time between playing COD4 and bangin' super hot models.

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