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Wednesday Night WarCawks 9: Because there has to be a subtitle


Welcome to Number 9. It has been a while since we've really played Warcawks and I wanted to get people back together and also get opinions on the expansion pack. I can still only serve up 8 despite the fact that it tells me I can do 12. Makes no sense, but I'm not going to upgrade my internets to get more since it's just not worth the extra cost at the moment. Not that I don't love you guys, but my wallet already has a massive hole in it from this winters abundant game selection.

If someone else wants to host who has a fatter pipe than me please say so and I'll be more than willing to let you host. (Anyone?)

For tonight's festivities, I will set up a server called "Dtoid_WNW" at approximately 7 pm EST for lots of dancing on Liam's grave. Cause his controller is busted.

If it is passworded the password will be "TOID." If it's not passworded (is that even a word?) we'll just rock out with some random other people.

Again, if you're on the West Coast and you're interested in playing a little later than those of us on the East Coast, say so and I'll leave the server up overnight so you can blow up shit West Coast-style.

Let us know if you're up for playing this evening. As always, leave your PSN, SSN, home phone, and Sexual Preference (Eucadian or Chernovan).

Also, I know that
Spider Pig is excited about the new WarHawk expansion pack, as am I, but 8$ is 8$, and I want to take a poll of those who think they will get it and those who think not. If enough of you think you're going to get it I will to. The thing is. I'm certain it will be like with Motorstorm. If I put the new map on the server, you'll likely not be able to play that map unless you've also purchased the pack. I assume the same is true if we include the new dropship, but it could just be the map.

Here's more dropship action...

That ship is wicked. Really wicked.
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