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The best day of my life.

Before I get started, let me just mention that Guncannon's podcast (which I appear in) on history in video games is up. Everyone was fantastic and the whole thing is just awesome, even though I sound like some kind of overexcited chipmunk e...


Update: I'm aliiiiiiive! and podcast-y stuff

O HAI DESTRUCTOID COMMUNITY! Another boring, quick update from me. Yes, I made it to California without incident, although now that I live here I find myself all of a sudden having a life. Is that weird, or what? I mean, I've hardly turned...


Dregs: Now that I've finished Mass Effect 2...

Yeah, I know you were all DYING to know what I think of Mass Effect 2 now that I've beaten it. This will be my last Mass Effect post; there's only so much I can say without getting into completely arbitrary territory (which, let's face it, ...


Talking space vag: Mass Effect 2 thus far

Iím not putting in any spoilers unless itís something that can easily be deduced from the official promotional site; Iím not here to make anybody cry. NOT TODAY. Also, Iím holding off on analyzing the characters too much until Iím done with...


The ladiez of Mass Effect 2

Warning: This post is highly nerdtastic and full of Mass Effect jargon. I apologize if youíre one of the dozen people who havenít played the original Mass Effect. Also, itís long. Like, really long. You've been warned. Soooo, Mass Effect 2...


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I got my undergraduate degree in anthropology and applied archaeology in hopes of becoming Indiana Jones. I dropped out of my fancy graduate school when I realized that archaeologists don't really get to beat up Nazis. THANKS, COLLEGE.

I like cats, Diet Coke and rock music. I currently work for BioWare as a community representative on STAR WARS: The Old Republic. (Clearly my opinions here do NOT reflect those of my employers.) Mostly, I just try to be awesome, and play a lot of games.

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