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Is Resident Evil Doomed Or Is There Still A Chance Of Redemption?

Its no mystery as to why Resident Evil 6 divided gamer's between the middle like Moses departing the red sea, the game was a massive let down for many people (me included). It lacked any real horror, dread, or suspense and felt more like a remake of Day Of The Dead directed by Michael Bay while high on many different illegal substances.

Its the not the worst thing ever created, but it sure as hell isn't the best either.And that's what so frustrating about Resident Evil 6, it was a chance to revisit the franchises survival horror roots and it failed to do so. It was a missed opportunity that could have injected the series with a fresh dosage of T-Virus and transformed it into a brilliantly terrifying nightmare of a experience (In a good way)

Many people went to the aid of Resident Evil 6 and said that the series has never really been scary unless you are 10 years old. That may be true for many people but that doesn't mean that Capcom couldn't have made Resident Evil 6 a scary experience. Look at the Resident Evil 1 remake on the Gamecube for example, that Is one hell of a scary game. A great atmosphere, haunting sound design and moody lighting in a Mansion filled with tight corridors and lurking horrors made for a truly terrifying experience.

So why was Capcom never able to replicate this in the later games? Resident Evil 4 had a few good scary moments (that regenerator breathing sound never fails to freak me out) but nothing worthy of that remake. People said that Resident Evil 6 was just an example of something evolving with the times. Here is my proposal, why didn't it evolve into something scary. Why did it dumb down the horror and increase the amount of ammo you carry. Evolution in games these days seems to translate into more gunfire less horror. Even Dead Space 3 has been accused of following this method of evolution.

And that brings us to the million dollar question, is Resident Evil ever going to retake its place in the throne room of horror gaming? People want more from a series like this, they want it to be a survival horror game, not a dive on the floor and fire your weapon type affair. The idea of a Resident Evil reboot was mentioned recently and I think this is a great idea to put Resident Evil back in the positive spotlight.

Imagine if they completely recreated the concept of Resident Evil as we know it. They could use the old version of Resident Evil 4 as a basis for new enemy types and a different take on the series while keeping the survival horror game play intact. With supernatural enemies rather than biological ones, and a creepy atmosphere rather than a fast paced action sequence every 10 seconds. The story could be different, the characters could be different, basically it could save the series. A reboot is the perfect chance to save Resident Evil from the brink of destruction, and bounce it back into the survival horror experience people fondly remember it for.
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