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Is Pokemon G/S generally thought to be harder than R/B? Or do I just suck? I've only played Blue/Yellow and that was 10+ years ago, but playing through Crystal now and am getting smoked by my rival on the 2nd encounter!


It's been a while since Nintendo's updated the NES/SNES Online service, but I've been feeling pretty good lately so can handle the disappointment.


Almost at the end of Link's Awakening DX and have a legitimate question: what differentiates a Zelda game from a Metroidvania?


Mission accomplished! Feel free to check out some ramblings in the c-blogs... or not! Just happy to have created something after a few weeks of bleh.


I feel like day one of Pac-99 is my only chance to get first and even still im fucking up


I know nothing about game design, but I'm pretty sure the entirety of Super Mario Land was made in 20 minutes. Cute game. 7/10


Is it just me or do other people think that Super Mario Bros 2 (USA)'s controls just feel like Mario and crew lathered themselves in butter and every level is secretly an ice level.


Complain enough to your friends about wanting a decent D-pad for your Switch, eventually someone just wants you to shut the fuck up. I love friendship


Every 4 days for the last forever, I contemplate whining on here about the death of the Virtual Console. I end up deleting it cuz y'all already know it sucks ass. But the situation with Sunshine makes me mad -- I just want to affordably play Pikmin 2


While I'm still skeptical of the pricing when compared to other VNs, Nintendo's announced that buying both of the Famicom Mystery games knocks the price down to $60 total instead of $70 total (but if you only buy one, it's still $35).


Get $15 back on my credit card. Looks to buy game. Oh wow! Bioshock's on sale - never played that. Oh wow! FFIX on sale - never played that. Who knows what critically acclaimed masterpie- nope, just bid on Detective Pikachu.


Beat Donkey Kong '94 yesterday and Metroid II (the GB version) this afternoon. Thoughts in the comments.


My nephew who loves the Murphy's Touch levels of Rayman accidentally deleted my save file that was close to 100%... :( Not gonna re-do whole game, just get the Murphy levels back for him. On the plus side, this game is still so good the second time.


Finally managed to beat a boss (Cut Can) with my P-buster in the OG Megaman, and decided to not waste my time and just look up online who Cut Man's power is best against... and I regret it. Victory never felt so hollow, the boss died in like 3 hits


Y'all are leaving out the all-important Tetris tier.


I haven't a good nervous sweaty hands moment in video games in a while. The final boss of Bit.Trip Beat got my hands straight up slippery


Don't know if I'll be maligned for this, but I don't have any display shelving where the spines would be relevant and I love the inner artwork. Regretting buying some games digitally because this shits nice to look at. But im too inpatient at times.


For the first time in my gaming history, I'm not looking forward to the next new thing from Nintendo. I just want updated / more powerful Switches like Apple does iPads and fully backwards compatible. It's already a damn near perfect product


If you fancy yourself a detective at heart, go for Return of the Obra Dinn. Play it with a well-trusted partner for the best results as it's best when discussed and picked apart with another interested party in real time. But go in blind. #Indietoid


Into the post-game of Mario 3D World which means we're asking the question... re-play each level four times for the sake of one bonus level? Sadly we all know the answer


Just beat Shantae (GBC) for the first time. Mini-review in the comments. 8th game I've beat this year (though, to be fair, none have been longer than about 6-8 hours)


Just played through Link's Crossbow Training. Whole game's about 40 min. Would've been cool if getting platinum medals on levels unlocked bigger quivers in Twilight Princess or some shit like that. Still, cool/fun game for those interested


Been trying to figure out why I was displeased with Pyra/Myrtha Smash DLC. In part I haven't played Xenoblade, but mostly because they didn't get a ten minute loving introduction from Sakurai. All Directs should be 10 hours long as Sakurai geeks out


Everybody out there saying that with Pikmin 3 & SM3DW on Switch, everything worth playing on the WiiU is now on Switch, while I'm out there on eBay considering getting a WiiU just so I can fucking play Earthbound and Earthbound Origins.


Low-key, Bowser's Fury is the story of Bowser Jr. reaching out to an archnemesis for help, because no enemy is worse than an abusive father


For those wondering, the Switch gyro controls for Bit.Trip Beat are very tight. Still definitely not as good as a mouse, but leagues better than a Wiimote. Currently each game in Bit.Trip is $2 on Switch, so happy Bit... tripping...


Anyone else holding off on buying Zelda games they're missing on the off chance Nintendo puts them on Switch this year? I feel silly holding off on Four Swords Adventure... but who knows!!


There needs to be a way to tie one's self to the metaphorical mast when the Siren's song that is nostalgia gets cranking. I played Donkey Kong Land 20+ years ago and have DKC on multiple consoles... yet I saw a pic of DKL and now NEED IT AGAIN!


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