DeS: The worst losing streak in esports this year: 0-40

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First real blog post, so here it goes... Some basic info about me... Favorite Games: Oblivion MGS series Yakuza 2 Halo 3 multiplayer I'm drawing a blank now for some reason... But if anyone has a cool header image I could use relating to ...


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Hello, I'm a 15 year old gamer. I currently play my 360, but I am planning to get a PS3 eventually to play MGS4 and Yakuza 3. I love FPSs, but I dabble in football games and RPGs. My favorite series is the Metal Gear Solid series, and 2 was my favorite.(Damn you all you say otherwise! You just don't get it!) Sorry to go all Dennis Dyack on you, but it was necessary.