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Why Destructoid loves me.

I treat her like a lady should be treated. I lay Dtoid down and whisper in her ear, "Relax, this will only take a minute", but it really takes two. Then I fart and we lol into the night.


Solid Snake Wallpaper by yours truly.

I was photoshopping around the other day and made these wallpapers. Figured I would share. They are 1920x1200. If you like it, save it, use it, print it out and piss on it, whatever... Which do you guys prefer? Criticism is encouraged. ED...


The video game flamethrower through the ages

While the above picture is indeed far back as I can recall, I have always hated flamethrowers in games. Even when the pyro updates came out for TF2, I had no interest in it. If anything, it would further fuel my hatred for the...


OVER NINE THOUSaaaaaaaaaaaND!!!!

Well, as you may become aware after looking at this, I am not a huge fan of Dragonball Z. In fact, I don't like it at all. In fact fact, I hate it. The few times I have watched it, the same thing happens: Two people are fighting...well are ...


A-Ha - Quake on Me

Someone took some Quake gameplay footage and made it look like the A-Ha - Take on Me video. Pretty sweet, if you ask me. Don't know how old this is...if it is at all, but... I've actually never played Quake, so if it's not Quake, don't ...


Madden '08 $10 on all systems.

Since I had to hide my last deal blog, I found a not-so-spectacular one. Micro Center is selling Madden '08 for $10 on all consoles, and $8 on PC. There may be 1...2 people who may be interested in this, even though '09 will be out in Au...


The start of the Affair. Halo 1 multi-player

First and foremost, let me say this. I AM NOT a Halo fanboy. My hatred for Halo 2 and Halo 3 is directly proportional in magnitude to my love for boobs, or as some of you prefer, bewbs. In my opinion, boobs are the greatest thing on the p...


Megaman school project.

I had some Graphic Design project where I could only use a certain set of colors, and this was the result. It won't be a portfolio piece by any means, but it was fun to do. And Megaman was made with individual squares and it took a long as...


April Fools is stupid.

Were no strangers to love You know the rules and so do i A full commitments what Im thinking of You wouldnt get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how Im feeling Gotta make you understand * never gonna give you up Never gonna l...


T3 is awesome.

That's about it really. When the bad terminator screams at the end...god damn brilliant. could have used more break dancing, though.


Mammal Sauce (NVGR)

I have to find something to do until 4:30... If you have not heard Crotchduster's Mammal Sauce, do yourself a favor and listen to this. Just hit play, and don't watch the video, since it's just one picture the entire time. I think one dud...


Turning Point Ad

Is that ad pissing anyone else off? I mean, it's not a big deal at my house, where my computer isn't a '03 Dell, but at work, it takes like 34 minutes to load the page. Plus, it's fucking huge. Also, it doesn't even look like a good game. S...


SNES/SEGA/? console dream + Satan

I am, as of now, Ranked #666 / 19734. I can feel the ever-flowing evil coursing through my veins like the river Styx. Time to rape babies. Also, I had a dream the other night about some weird ass SNES/Saturn/Famicom console. It looked a l...


My shattered dreams have been pieced back together.

I have recently been getting back into SNES games on the emulator. Particularly, Chrono Trigger, Flashback and Earthbound. Emulators are cool and all: free, convenient, takes up no physical space, etc. But it's just not the same. So, when m...


Worst deal on the planet.

I was checking Amazon after I saw that post about the Best Buy $300 PS3 that got sold supposedly, and I came across this stupid shit. $620 for a 40gb ps3($400) and rock band special edition($165), selling for $620. I'm not a theoretical ph...


Video games + homemade soundtrack = great memories

You know that feeling you get when smelling something and it reminds you of a certain time when you were little? You may not remember exactly when, but just the feeling it evokes is awesome for whatever reason. I get the same feeling when I...


Which game should I start?

Now that these god damned finals are over, I have a few games in que that I need to start. 1. Metroid Prime: Corruption 2. Crysis 3. Call of Duty 4 - PC (that is, if the torrent works) 4. Deus Ex (yes, the first one, I never played it) 5...


TF2 Screenshots: Best of (thus far)

I was going through my TF2 screenshots today and was laughing my nads straight off, so I thought I would share the entertainment with those of you who may appreciate it. I've never posted pictures, so I hope this comes out not shitty. Witho...


Thoughts on Through the Fire and Flames GHIII

I guess this should probably go in the forums, but what the hell ever, this is easier (plus i'm tired of looking at the same comment that god wants me to write a blog). anyway, I haven't gotten the chance to play GHIII yet, and if Through t...


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