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Bbain's Jukebox: Final boss

Boss music is often the most thrilling, intense music found on a video game soundtrack. Then there is the final boss music, which takes things to the extreme, highlighting the climactic action of a game. Everyone has their favorite final bosses, and I'm sure everyone also has their own favorite final boss music! Let me know what your favorites are in the comments!

The Battle for Everyone's Souls
Persona 3

If I had to pick one absolute favorite final boss theme, it would certainly be this one, hand down! It's just about the most epic battle music I can think of. Even the name of the song is epic! My favorite thing about this song is that they mixed in parts of Aria of the Soul, the operatic song that plays in the Velvet Room, only now it's faster paced and far less calming. Rather, it gets you pumped up for the grand battle against Nyx Avatar. Chances are, it's going to be a hell of a long fight, so you're going to be hearing this song for quite a while, but luckily it's so awesome that you won't even care!


Nier has just about the most perfect soundtrack I can think of, and the final boss music is no exception! Like many good final boss themes, this song starts off slow and ominous, but quickly builds up to an exciting crescendo as the battle starts to ramp up in difficulty. Like many of the songs from Nier, the Shadowlord's theme consists of Nier's mysterious language sung by a choir of angelic voices. It's really just beautiful to listen to. You'll definitely see more of the Nier soundtrack in future posts, because I cannot stress enough how great it is!

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder
Dark Souls

Not many games go with a somber tone for their final boss music. In fact, this is just about the only example I can think of, personally. And yet, I found it to be so incredibly effective! It really sets a unique mood for the fight against Gwyn. Like, should we feel sorry for this guy? He is ruling over a land of ashes after all, reduced to the title of the Lord of Cinder. Maybe Gwyn knows he is going to lose this fight, so the music reflects his current emotions. He's just trying to go out in the most noble way he can, by fighting with all his strength, maybe to return some of his lost honor? Well, he certainly puts up a hell of a fight, that's for sure!

Pokey Means Business!

Pokey may not be the actual final boss in Earthbound, but he basically acts as the battle's first form, since you fight Pokey and Giygas back-to-back. Plus, Giygas' theme is just unsettling noises and not really music. Pokey's battle theme, on the other hand, is absolutely awesome! The beginning of the song is cool enough, with an ominous chiptunes sound, certainly befitting a final boss fight. But then around 50 seconds in, it suddenly becomes this intense heavy metal song, with double bass drums and electric guitars. I was actually kind of surprised to hear this coming out of my Super Nintendo! I guess it was just so different from the rest of the music in the game that it caught me off guard. At the time, I thought it was so unique and unexpected, and I still kinda feel that way. It definitely sets the mood for a wicked final boss showdown!

The Final Battle
Final Fantasy IV

This was a really difficult choice: which final boss from the Final Fantasy series has the best theme music? They're all pretty amazing. Kefka's Dancing Mad is epic as hell, but I sometimes feel like it goes on a bit too long when I'm just listening to it. Necron's music is pretty sweet too; I like how they worked the sound of souls wailing in agony into his theme. I also have no problem with Sephiroth's One Winged Angel, which I feel gets a lot of hate these days. But I think my favorite will always be Zeromus' final battle theme from Final Fantasy IV. It was the first Final Fantasy game I ever played. Actually, it might have been the first RPG I ever played, so the music will always stick with me. The Zeromus battle has two forms. During the first form, the Prologue theme plays (possibly my absolute favorite song from the Final Fantasy series), but once you reach his second form, the battle music picks up and it becomes this epic fight for your life! I'm sure everyone else has their own favorite final boss music from the Final Fantasy series (I'm willing to bet it's probably Dancing Mad!), but this one has always left the biggest impression on me.
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