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The Ultimate Answer to Online Pass Problems

Because this is what I'm talking about. So I hear everyone bitching about online passes and publishers wasting time and used games and butthurt etc. Not to say that said butthurt isn't justified, but hear me out. The main issue for publi...


There's a Symphony in There! - Super Mario World

Doo-doot doooo doo-doo DOOT! When the SNES was released in North America in 1991, it represented a quantum leap in terms of what it could do for game audio. We finally had the capacity for some serious music composition. (For more info, c...


There's a symphony in there! Taking requests

Hi Dtoid folk! I was very happy that many of you enjoyed the initial blog, with some people saying they would like more analysis blogs. I'd like to give you guys and gals the opportunity to suggest favorite tunes for the analysis. There...


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