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Motion Gaming... The Future?


I heard a rumor stating that the next Microsoft console will be 100% controller free. This means that motion gaming will be a thing of the future via Kinect. What do you gamers think about that? Are we that far into the next generation that youd be willing to give up controller-based gaming?

Ill be ready to drop my controller when I can play in something like Stark Trek or Tron. Playing with a controller has dominated the last forty-something years in the business. What if motion gaming took over? To me, it would be something if we could switch over to motion gaming, but wed have to faze the controller out. It seems as though everyone wants to have some type of motion capability in their games from Forza 4 (Kinect) to Tiger Woods 12 (PS Move), and even in upcoming games like Metal Gear Solid Rising and Mass Effect 3.

Maybe its not just a bandwagon anymore like I originally thought it would be. Perhaps its the future of gaming, but how should developers move forward? From the games that have been fitted with motion control, do you think gaming is taking a step into the future or taking a turn for the worse? Thoughts, opinions?
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