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Boredom Gets You Places Sometimes [Dtoid Pins!]

It's 5:00 in the a.m. and I'm up. Why the Hell am I up? So, in my half-woken stupor I stumble around the Destructoid website, watching as a few drunks meander about, wishing I could be as cool or as old as them. Then I head on over to the leaderboards and take a gander at all of of Neiro's old posts, just to maybe look at something I've missed. And by God, I did miss something...

Dtoid Army Badges
Top secret classified information! These will be revealed in time.... hell, the code isn't even written for that yet. It's just an idea dancing around in my pants at the moment.

Jesus Titt-Fucking Christ!! They had badges planned!? Yeah, old news is old, but why hasn't this been implemented yet, Niero!? We all know we are accomplishment whores and any type of a rewards system would be an excellent addition to Destructoid. From what I imagine, it could add a whole new layer to our lovely slice of heaven.

I don't think badges are coming as soon as I would hope (which is not ever soon enough) and I thought, "why not make something nice for the community?" So I sat down and pondered what to make... Then I got bored and picked up my DS and played The World Ends With You, and just like that, the idea hit me. "Dtoid Pins" I whispered to myself...

Whoever designed this shirt is/was a fucking genius

And by God, if I don't get badges soon, I'll make my own, dammit!

By the by, if this has been done before, it didn't turn up in the search.
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