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Destructoid TCG UPDATE: D:E.K. MANUEL!

So, here's the basic set up for D:E.K.
Players: 2-3 players
Deck size: 50 cards, no more no less.
Deck Limits: No more than 2 of any card.
Initial Draw: 5 card draw, No more than 7 cards in your hand at any time.

Objective of D:E.K.
As a player in the card game, you are a blogger on the website Destructoid.com and you have to try and score points through posting blogs while stopping other players from scoring with your comments. Calling upon the aid of Editors, Trolls, and other community members alike, you could quickly rise above the common fray of the ordinary bloggers to become a Gent of the web, or you could fall victim to the world around you and become the worst troll ever to happen to the internet. It's your choice.

Turns are split up into, what else, phases:
Draw phase
Writing Phase
Post phase
Score phase

Play Area:
Each player has 5 "In-writing" zones with which he/she may fill with 1 blog per turn during his/her writing phase.

The Main action of the game will be played out on the "front page": an area all the bloggers share which has 5 slots for which bloggers to play their blogs in their posting phase. Players must place their blogs on the corresponding "in-writing zone" behind the front page slots they wish to publish (place) the blog in.

Gameplay Breakdown:
Gameplay revolves around scoring points, and you can only do that by publishing blogs on the front page and making sure they stay there, while cutting down other bloggers with comments that are trying to do the same. So, we'll go phase by phase, functions of the cards, and give some scenarios.
Draw Phase: Draw a card.
Writing Phase: Used to place ONE blog card face down on an "In-writing" zone behind the slot he/she wishes to publish his/her blog in on the front page.
Post Phase: Used to post comments on an opponents blog or own blog or used to publish blogs from the "in-writing" zone. Can publish multiple comments or blogs in one turn.
Score Phase: Used to accumulate points from blogs in which you published and control. (Meaning you have the last comment on the card or it's not contested.)

Functions of the cards:
Blog Cards: Used to score during the players "scoring phase". Point accumulation can be halted by opponents comments.
-Blogs have a writing period to wait in the "in writing" zone until they can be played based on their point value. (100-300 pt blogs - Wait 0 turns. 400-600 pt blogs - wait 1 turn. 700-900 pt blogs - wait 2. 1000-< - wait 3 turns).
-Each Blog is assigned a Karma, and depending on your overall Karma presence (Those blogs in your fail pile and active blogs on the front page) will you be able to play certain tier 2 and tier 3 AID cards.
-Blogs can trump one another on the front page, meaning a blog taking up slot 1 on the front page worth 100 pts can be trumped by a blog worth 400 points in which the 100 pt blog would be sent to the owners fail pile. Comments score are NOT added to the blog when being trumped, it's straight up blog v.s. blog when attempting to be trumped.

Comment Cards: Used primarily to halt opposing players from accumulating points, but can also set a standard of comments in any blog (Preferably the owners). There is no wait time on posting comments, and they range from FAIL comments to 1000 point comments. (They are meant to trump one another. 200 beats 100. 300 beats 200. So on and so forth. Fail trumps everything, however is trumped by everything as well. *Fail comments do NOT add to the score, because they are fail.*)
-During the scoring phase, the score of the comments is added to the score of the blog. (A 400 pt blog with a 300, 400, 600, 900, and a fail comment gets 400+300+400+600+900 pts, which = 2600 points if the last comment is the owner of the blogs comment. If it is the opponents comment is the last comment then at the end of the owners posting phase, the blog with the comments is moved to the owners fail pile. (blog and comments get sorted to the owners)
-In the result of a stalemate on a blog card, the card remains idle (Meaning it still takes up the slot, but it does not go into the owners fail pile) until one of the players can break the stalemate with a higher leveled comment card.

Aid Cards: Used to aid the players with scoring, dealing with opponents, and/or other various tasks within the game. Can also be used to boost the overall value of a comment card, or subtract from the overall value of the blog card.

How It's Played:
Beginning of the game, both players decide 100,000 pts be the Goal. They shuffle the decks and get to work.

Player 1 draws a card. Places a blog face down in the "in-writing" zone behind slot 1 on the front page. Ends his turn.

Player 2 draws a card. Places a blog from her hand to the front page in slot 1 worth 200 pts with a - karma. Player 2 accumulates 200 pts. and ends her turn.

Player 1 draws a card. He published a blog from his "in writing" slot 1 zone into front page slot 1, trumping player 2's blog worth 200 pts with a blog worth 400 pts and + karma, sending her blog to her fail pile. Player 1 accumulates 400 points and ends his turn.

Player 2 draws a card. She publishes a blog from her hand into front page slot 2. This Blog has a point value of 300 and a - karma. Player 2 posts a comment, valued at 100 on player 1's blog. Player 2 accumulates 300 points for her blog and ends her turn.

Player 1 draws a card. He post a response comment on his own blog, valued at 300 points, trumping player 2's comment and saving his blog from being moved to the fail pile (graveyard). (The alternative here is if Player 1 didn't have a comment card to beat player 2's, the blog would be destroyed at the end of his posting phase, before his scoring phase). Player 1 posts another comment on Player 2's blog valued at 700. He accumulates 400(blog score)+100(Player 2's comment)+300(Player 1's comment) 800 pts, adds that to his already 400 and he's sitting at 1200 points. Player 1 ends his turn.

Player 2 draws a card and places a blog in her to "in-writing" zone behind slot 1 face down. Player 2 cannot play any comment card to save her blog, so the blog is lost to the fail pile. Player 2 does not accumulate any points.

So on and so forth, until the game reaches 100,000 pts. and the winner is victorious.

Cards look like this...

D:E.K. Blog Card breakdown:
- The Yellow Stripes: Marks the Tier of the card. This is a Tier 2 card.
- 200: Marks the number of points you would receive per Score Phase.
- 2: Marks the turns that the card has to spend in the "in-writing" zone.
- The white "-": Marks the Karma of the Blog.
- GTFO and following text: Effect of the card.
- Obvious: Blogs are played Sideways on the frontpage! :D

D:E.K. Comment Card breakdown:
- FAIL: Marks the value of the card.
- Yellow Stripe: Marks the Tier. (Tier 1 Comment)

D:E.K. Aid Card breakdown:
...It's pretty self-explanatory. :)

I do not have any artwork to fill the white spaces for now, because I wanted to focus on the gameplay first before I got artsy fartsy with it.

So, what do you think?

Also, it's getting a little late, so I'm sorry if I seem incoherent. I'll be back soon to clarify anything.
Also Also, these rules are subject to changes. Most things are final BUT NOT ALL!
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