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Announcing the Unofficial Destructoid: FLAME WARS TCG!

Announcing, at a very inconvenient time, the project I've been working on over the past couple of days!

The Unofficial Destructoid: TCG, otherwise known as
Flame Wars
Name Pending

The game is very much still in it's infancy, pre-alpha (Is there even such a thing?), and way too soon for any prototype to be released. However, I have very big plans for this little TCG and I've locked down a good set of rules to make this TCG/RPG worthwhile and, in my mind, fun for everyone participating. Just to give you a little glimpse, here's a bit of information for you.

Back Story:
The year is 20XX.
Years ago, you were known for your acts in cyber-space. You held a position of authority and respect, one that you were proud to carry, and one that you were sure you would never lose...

Now, due to an unfortunate run in with fate, you have nothing. Your life is pointless. You have no dreams, no goals, no future. You browse the web, desperately looking for opportunities to rise back to stardom, only to find that you are seconds too late, which might as well be Eons.

Hopeless, ruined, and forgotten; that is your destiny.

But, on one fateful day, you find your beacon of hope. You find Destructoid.com and within it, the keys and the foundation to start a new identity. To build yourself back up, to conquer your foes, and claim your rightful spot in the internet volumes as an IG; an Internet God.

Defy your destiny and wage wars against the Internet Gods, and become "Internet Famous" once again.

In FLAME WARS You're an Internet has been, looking for a second chance as stardom. Using stored up hours (hrs), you can write own blog posts, forum submissions, comments, challenge other players to FNF-Offs, and even call in some special community favors. Through the use of Karma, you can choose to pursue a path to become a revered Destructoid Editor, or feared as the Greatest Troll Ever in the history of the Internet. Build up your points, build up your Karma, beat back your foes with a stick, and claim the victory that is laid before you in DESTRUCTOID: FLAME WARS!

To finish:
Past (Character) Cards - 5
Activity Cards - 10
/Blog Cards - 10+ | 10-
\Short Blog Cards - 5+ | 5-
Forum Cards - 5+ | 5- | 5 ()
/Comment Cards- 6+ l 6 - | 4 () Completed 10/10 - Completed
\Quick Comment Cards - 2+ | 2- | 2 () Completed 6/6 - Completed
Community Favor Cards - 5+ | 5-
Specials- 10
FNF-Offs Challenges - 10



Completed: 16 /113 Total 14/79 + Deck 14/79 - Deck

In any case, if your interested, I've set up a tumblog to catch the information that I'll be dropping over the course of the next few weeks. I'm looking at a June release date, and to anyone that can predict the right day, I'll give you something special. ;D

Also, I'm completely open to suggestions. I'm not a professional when it comes to designing card games, so any suggestions, questions, or concerns you have, please tell me on here or email me!

Until next time chiiiiiiiildren!

Special thanks to:
The GHost
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