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fondest gameing memories

we all have memories about when we first picked up a controller or played our first game or hell even beat our first game after reading put in a comment of your favorite gaming memories My first is when i was 4 or 5 on christmas day i woke ...



its a remake of Super Mario bros. you can play as mario of coarse but also you can play as link from legend of Zelda, mega man, bill from contra,samus from metroid, and Simon Belmont from castlevania series. they all get new up graded power...


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Im a Nintendo Gamer/Loyalist and I own a Gamecube WII DSi N64 and every gba version except the micro. My 4 favorite Pokemon are FERALIGATR POLIETOED AMPHAROS AND RHYPERIOR.
I do a lot of art on deviant art under neobro555 , I hate VIACOM with a passion, I am a gemini and I am not too shabby at checkers so if you want to be my freind just freind me and if not then get out