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MAH BURFDAI ... lul?


It's my birthday which means I am allowed to spam random crap like a new fag. Nothing will ever top last
years post by Cannibalcalvin, but.. for now I shall talk shit.

First I wanna say thanks to everyone for their birthday twitters and
messages. I will touch you later on, with... money? Or cake...

I will be shootanz the carz and walking through metal detectArz later on in Left 4 Dead (evening GMT
tiem). So if people want to join my gamercard is to the right of this post and you can send me party invites. I'm
looking at you Young Scot! D:<

I has new haircuts today (hence picture above) and even though I just turned 22 I am still mistaken for 16! The
hairdresser was a little surprised :P /hi5 SO TODAY IS GOING VERY WELL.

Anyway kinda wanted to say sorry as well for being away. Life sucks right now, some people know that the
last few months especially has been hard. Deaths in the family and work being a total dick arse, I haven't
really had time to commit to dtoid like I used to :( I sowwy. I'll be back to regular bitch next year when things
have calmed down.

So yeah... not much to say really apart from that I'm a massive fag.

For those who don't know I gave my blog a bit of an overhaul, you can check it out at
viera.nu - it's full of crap. Enjoy <3

P.S when did everything fuck up in the cblogs? I wrote this in the cblog editor and it's fucking it up hard tiem.

Also Powerglove is a fucking legend!
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