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"Tales of Etrian Odyssey"

Journal Entry: Day Three hundred fifty five at approximately six am, on the fourth Stratum of this beast of a Labyrinth and I think me and my party of weary travelers are near the end of this Sandy Barren land. My trusty Francisea axe by my side has not failed on this journey yet Ashley a is complaining about her shield cracking after protecting us so many times and Arieth the is complaining her Mystic rod is starting to break and does not know how much longer she can heal us with it but my trusty pal Vivi the does not know how much longer his alchemy skills can hold up with his Warhammer staff. Rest at the inn is what we all want after a very confusing maze on what has to be the Nineteenth floor we were warped from one location to another but the end is near as Arieth spoke of seeing a path way down in this Labyrinth

Journal Entry: Day Three hundred fifty six at nine am, we fought these evil ice and fire sisters that posed beauty but we had to restrain our self not to fall into a trap of beauty with fowl creatures in this abyss. Floor twenty has touched our feet but Arieth just cries as Ashley reports rumors of bird Foes and Beauties that can scar you very badly but I do not blame our crew for breaking down and wanting to return to our family and kiss our brothers and sisters but we must trek on. Thankfully not many floors before we reached floor Twenty we saw a pond to refresh our spirits and by now I have marked on the map a path to walk on the Nineteenth floor so we are no longer lost in a maze of warping.

Journal Entry: Day Three hundred fifty seven at eight am, I am very sad and scared to report the tales of many foes on the Twentieth floor are true, there had to be fifteen or more different calls from creatures on that floor and six foes came chasing after our troupe and we tried to take on the foes but Vivi, Arieth and Ashley all fainted from attacks from these large fowl birds and I had to crawl out of the Labyrinth in my out of own exhaustion and fear but we must keep going on being we promised to tackle this maze to the people of this town and don’t want to turn out like adventures of the past that left flesh and bone along the Labyrinth.

Journal Entry: Day Three hundred seventy two at seven am, my apologies that I have not written for the past days but it has been truly awful as Dr. Hoffman has had to revive Vivi, Arieth and Ashley at the Ceft Apothecary and than going to the quaint Rooster Inn the Innkeeper kept us warm at a expensive price. After a lot of convincing me and the party are going back to the Twentieth floor as we must as said before keep our promise to the people of this town.

Journal Entry: Day Three hundred seventy four at nine am, after much sneaking in thanks to Vivi we have been taking the foes on slowly and sneaking as necessary as with each footstep we take it seams it will be our last so we need to be very careful. We are making good progress and returning to a spring to refill our spirits but something very odd is happening with our records of what foes we have killed and number of foes heard on the floor keeps going back up. Arieth has been having more mental breakdowns and thoughts of hopelessness as her Mystic rod seams to not be keeping up with fighting so many foes and we have ran into occasions where she is close to faint and her Mystic rod lacks any spark at all to heal us and has to make the tough choice of healing just one of us partially and not the whole group.

Journal Entry Day Three hundred eighty five at ten am, Vivi, Ashley and myself have all been deciding to try to grit our teeth and keep our poor medic from suffering much more and we have been going all out for long periods of time to take on the foes on this bloody floor and it seams to be on the upswing as we are hearing less and less foes in the area. Finally the end seams near for this sandy area once and for all as we see what must be the protector bird of this floor and surprisingly we killed it with much ease thanks to killing so many foes on this floor and working up our strength. Something very odd seams a foot as we peaked into the next Stratum as we see hard stone and vines something very unnatural and unworldly to us as we will be even more cautious going on with our adventure.
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